Flash Banner PC software??

Hi peeps

Ok I dont even know if the subject title means anything, although im quite young im from a if you need a spanner to fix it im your guy… Computers, no fkin idea

I need to put together a flashy banner 120x240, and have absolutley no idea where to start, ive found a few self build sites that do it for free but are subject to there templates and designs. I need to start one from scratch asap.

Do you know any good PC software or websites that could do this?, cheaper the better, free would be nice but im not going to get what i want.

Any clues?

Well the daddy is probably Macromedia’s software but it’s very expensive.

You might want to try Coffe Cup’s flash firestarter

[cough] torrents [/cough] :wink:

There are a lot of designers on here. I’m sure if it’s simple, for the price of a beer, you’d get it done.

Good luck :slight_smile: