so…i got two flags for the st georges day rde but cant decide which one to go for???

(let me know if the pictures are to big…this is the first time i’v tried doing this)

option 1

or option 2

but i dont think this will work…!!!

Nice! Bagsy riding infront of you and out of spearing range though

They look great Nick, can’t wait to see us all together, what a sight

Option one mate! Hrm, I need some flags. Where did you get these?

I am soooo pi**ed at missing this.

big flag from tesco…about £2

just rang the missis, shes at tescos now…i’ve asked her to grab a few more for sunday…if they have any left…i’ll let you know the result when she returns…

got a spare big flag…who wants it?..first come first served…

I got one of them, but Nick & I have cut the “mast” right down, looks pukka on me Blade. Pictures tomorrow