FJR1300A - & modifications

This is a purely hypothetical question…

The Yamaha FJR1300 with the autobox. I seem to recall it didn’t have a lever at all on the left hand handlebar. So just supposing a chap didn’t have a right arm, but fancied a bit of big hefty tourer action, is there anything to stop the throttle and front brake lever being transferred to the left hand bar? Hypothetically speaking…:slight_smile:

I can’t see why not.

If guys can race on modified bikes with only one leg then I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to ride a bike with only one arm.
Another option would be rather than using an FJR with the auto box, I’m sure you could convert a thumb brake into a clutch lever so you could choose a different bike.

Well - we put men on the moon back in 1969 - so I don’t reckon moving the FJR’s throttle over to the other side should present a serious problem. . .

I guess (hypothetically) we would be seeing you back on two wheels at some point John :Whistling: :wink: :slight_smile:

Just get yourself a pre WWII Indian Chief. They had a Left Hand Throttle and a foot operated clutch…perfect:D

it can be done fella, mate of mine has a bad wrist prob after an accident and cant put much strength into it meaning he had no throttle control. we managed to put his throttle on his left with the clutch on the right (on a 99 R1) fairly easily done, may have to lengthen cables to avoid snagging etc but should be fine, and should be easy enough to move the front brake across aswell as you dont have clutch to relocate :slight_smile: it took him about 3 weeks to get the throttle control on his left hand though, almost burnt out his clutch in traffic the 1st day trying to pull away slowly etc. :smiley:

glad to see your making the best of life mate, good on ya

have a look on here mate, they specialise in this kind of thing, few examples etc on there aswell

sounds just the ticket! Some easy cruiser action with some serious clout!