FJR1300A 2006 Yamaha

Good condition
Beautiful balanced and high performance vehicle
2 previous owners including myself
Electronic windshield slides up and down
Tyres have approximately 4000 miles left (tread)
Shaft driven (no chain) so it is a very low maintentance bike

As quoted in Motorcyle News (MCN) :

The key factor about the Yamaha FJR1300A is that it looks, feels and rides like it was designed specifically to waft two people in luxury for two weeks of motorcycling leisure. It delivers on all counts
The Yamaha FJR1300 represents loads of motorcycle for the money and ready to head to Spain straight from the showroom floor
The Yamaha FJR1300 has loads of power and the four cylinder engine makes 99 ft/lbs of torque at 7K revs too. That means grunt and plenty of it, more than enough to help two people, plus loads of kit, overtake safely on A roads. You’ll probably get about 40-45mpg from the Yamaha FJR1300’s smooth-running, and generally very reliable motor too.
FJR1300 from 2006 onwards, ABS braking is standard too. It has an adjustable handlebar, windscreen and seat heights as part of the 2006 makeover package. The Yamaha FJR1300 is undeniably a well equipped motorcycle and Yamaha are determined to produce a genuine class leading touring motorcycle, so it should prove a more durable, low maintenance machine for miles of touring fun than many an oddball European rival.

Original cost of a new FJR1300 - £16,000
Fixed Price: £4000