fixing computers??


in my spare time i dabble with computers and have built quite a few successful ones and some not so happy ones…

I just bought my brother some new Ram DDR PC 2700 (quite an old system) the other day. Put it in and the computer was running fine.

The next day how ever it won’t boot up, just restarts. no loading or anything.

i have unplugged everything and put it back, taken the new RAM out. and still nothing.

any ideas?

i’m getting so frustrated with computers i might stop dabbling!

Come to BMM today, we can discuss the problem.

coolio! thank u

Take notes of the type and model of motherboard you have and if the keyboard flashes (and if so what the sequence is) and beeps (again the number and sequence of them).

Just my 2p. :smiley:

used to happen to me if i left a flash drive plugged in… damn that was annoying… was even more annoyed when i figured out what was actually causing it.


A similar thing happened to me recently with a system of similar age. I had not stuck any ram in or made any other modifications but one day it just tried to reboot suddenly whilst I was using it but would not even fire up. It would power up but no beeps, nothing on screen, no attempt to fire up the drives, no access to bios etc.

The lack of beeps suggested that it wasn’t even getting as far as checking the memory etc so made sure everything was fixed properly on the motherboard, power supply output was OK etc, but no good so I assume something terminal had happened to the motherboard or possibly the processor.