Fixing this fixable?

Well since I’m grounded I’ve been looking at what else is broken :slight_smile:

My Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses turned up - I snapped the edge whilst jamming it into my Shoei helmet one year. Shoei helmets are useless for sunglasses as I discovered.

I know D&G are really gay but I like these retro look glasses. Problem is, they’re really broken. Have a look at the hinge.

Is this repairable? Can it be soldered or welded back together? I don’t mind if it’s permanently welded in the ‘wear’ position. I really liked them for biking. My new Oakleys are like fishbowls and I’m getting more dizzy on these because of the curvature.



Treat yourself to a new pair


Mike and I both wear specs when we ride our bikes, and we both have Shoei lids. What did you do? :smiley:

Lol. Is that the upmarket Prada version? :slight_smile:

Metalred ~ I’ve used mine for over 10 years. That’s prob. why? It’s just metal fatigue/stress fracture.

I have a new pair (Oakley). Somehow, I like the older D&G pair! Just as I had got used to them, they had to go and break :frowning:

jus means u wont beable to shut it… and it wont be a strong hold :confused:

weld it?

Stop being impressed by the names and buy something practical that looks sturdy!

you shoulda gone to spec savers…:cool:.



get a pair of cheap ones,unscrew and replace job done :smiley:

soldered wouldn’t be strong enough, try some resin compound glue like evo stik or something like that. may hold for a bit and is worth a try. :wink:

I wouldnt bother… the headache and time would not be worth it IMHO.

If it were me and (yes I have mine), I would go to one of the optical shops that sell Maui Jim glasses and get some in the “sport” line as these have straight ear pieces and work a treat in ANY helmet, not to mention that they are polarized and take out the glare. I even use them at dusk/twilight because the contrast is so good. Make sure you get the “brown” lenses and not the black ones as the brown ones will contrast better.

PM oldguy, he seems to be the fixing guru on here!!!:slight_smile:

Get a tinted visor


lessismore Elastoplast?

Ricky PM oldguy, he seems to be the fixing guru on here!!!

Dave: If it’s elastoplast does it have to be the pink fabric type? The one the poor kids in school had holding their glasses together.

Ricky: I’ve been proper told off on this site for suggesting things can be fixed so I’m a bit scared to post in case I’m “pathetic” again.

Apparently your supposed to sit by the road waiting for the breakdown service to rock up anyway.

Do they fix sun glasses?

some things can’t be fixed…! :smiley:

Okay. So it’s unrepairable :frowning:

They did last a good 8 years +. Guess I have to move on to the ubiquitous Oakleys and just get used to the goldfish bowl phenomenon…

Find a thin piece of metal - dunno if a paperclip would suffice, bit soft. Cut or bend to fit.
Mix up some magic metal / epoxy.
Use the metal as a splint on the outside, whilst putting a small dab by itself on the inside joint.


Or you could go and buy a new practical pair from somewhere that doesn’t have a fancy name attached.

I’m still happy with my pair from Boots Opticians I bought 4 years ago. Cost about £15.