Fixed Penalty Notice

Hi all!

Quick question to see if anyone knows the rules on this one?

I was stopped 14th September and given a fixed Penalty for my Bike being in a Unsafe condition (complete rubbish as everything was fine and had just been MOT’d - checked with a garage)

but i ran out of time and had to accept it, I paid the fine and sent my license off. It has now been 4 months and they still have my license and have not applied any penalty to it yet as paperwork has not been supplied by the officer who stopped me (they think paperwork has been lost or something)

Does anyone know how long they are able to hold my license for before they have to give it back? and if they cannot find the paperwork do I still get the 3 points etc?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Quick update peeps.

The police officer or the Met Police have been pretty cool on this one!

I surrended my license back in September 2008 i chased it along last month as i hadnt recieved it back. and i jsut spoke wth them again. Basically they are sending me my license back without endorsements and the money i paid towards the ticket and apologise for the inconvience.

Either thanks Police officer for not filing your paperwork or thanks Met Police!!! :smiley: