"Fixed" motor cycle luggage.

just buy the webbing stuff to cover your panels its non slip as well, plus plenty of bungy’s n jobs a good un :slight_smile:

Aye, that’s whatw we do.

Jools has HG soft panniers - they seem to be better quality than the Oxford ones.

I use an oxford tailpack if I’m not camping (no room with the tent / sleeping bags) and / or either a small oxford tank bag of a huge one I got from Lidl for about £12.

back to the OT, I subscribed to a photo magazine which came with a free crumpler bag and got told they were out of stock. so they sent me a different bag from a brand I’d not heard of “It’s the same RRP, honest” etc etc

TheRat: you still got those panniers?

Depending on what bike you have, I’ve just strapped a sports bag over the pillion seat before. That’s seen me around France with no problems. Makes packing/ unpacking a lot easier too.

Or take less. Seriously. So many people take far too much on a trip with them. They have shops in other places too.