Fitting Stomp Grips

I’ve just got some Stomp grips for the bike. Can anyone recommend the best way to fit them?

Should I do it the same way as fitting vinyl stickers with a soapy water spray?

They seem to be pretty damn sticky so I don’t want to be getting it wrong


I have had them on 2 bikes and they are a nightmare to fit. What i do is to line it up where you want it on the tank. Peel the front end of the paper cover off (i.e the bit nearest the front of the tank). Stick that down and very slowly remove the paper as you stick it down. Its really important to get the first bit done well as this will line up the rest of it on the tank. Don’t stick down the grips too hard, if you mess it up its not that hard to remove the grip and start over again.

Also try to ensure you don’t get any air pockets under the grips as this won’t do the look to your bike any favours…

Good luck and enjoy…they are awesome!!!

Cheers matey

Speak to Adz - he’s made a great job of fixing his in place.

just slap em on, might look horrible but they are on lol

I have had these on my last bike and the currrent one. The trick is to get a hairdryer on hot and warm the grip before applying them. The heat makes them more flexible and easier to fit.

both marcs and gsxr1kboys advice is spot on…

i cleaned tank and used hair dryer, lined it up and put some tape on as a guide.

apply slowly and get all the air bubbles out heating the stomps and the tank as you got.

good luck

there worth the hassle