fitting R&G frame protectors

I dont have a problem fitting these, just a bit nervous as to undoing my engine/frame bolts!

What i mean by this, has anyone had any trouble with any ‘shifting’ or am i just being over worried?

If i take one bolt out at a time, then replace it with the R&G one, will this be ok? Oh, and it says up to 40Nm of torque, if I tighten, then turn an extra 1/4, will this be satisfactory?

just seems a job that i shouldnt have to pay the garage for!


I did mine one at a time and then tightened them as you have described with no torque wrench. That was over a year and a half ago and I’ve had no problems at all. I’d say go for it! :wink:

You will have no problem with removing the mounting bolts. I have done three bikes now and never had a problem. you have got no fairings so it will take about 5 mins for you to do. A tighten and a 1/4 turn should do the trick nicely, I have a torque rench but have never bothered with my bungs and have never had a problem, even after a small slide down the tarmac earlier this year.

Yup, as you say, one at a time you will not have the engine moving relative to the frame. I have a torque wrench so I would describe to someone without one :-

20NM - Not a lot of effort at all.
40NM - A bit tight
60NM - Quite tight
80NM - Very tight
100NM - Really, (almost frightfully) tight

I don’t think you find many nuts on a bike outside the above range.


I say, the swear filter is a bit posh isn’t it?

One side at a time and you will be fine!! :wink:

Thanks guys, its put my mind at rest… now all i need to do is lift the seat and get Triumph’s special tool kit out (1 allen key!!) lol