fitting pads, discs

Hi all,just a quickie,

Ive just bought all new brakes pad and rear disc and i was thinking about fitting em myself.

How easy are they to fit? never done it before and i wondered if its worth trying to do myself.

Also, for my rear intergrated blinkers which are going to fast, do i need relays or resisters? or are these the same thing?


pads are a peice of proverbial urince to fit. I’ve never fitted discs but I assume if you have the rotors, they just bolt on with a torque wrench

as for the indicators you need a resistor, google indy leads or something similar, they go by bike make so make sure you get teh right ones

Discs are easy to fit too, as long as you don’t have trouble taking the bolts out :slight_smile:
If it’s a Honda, they reckon that you should replace the disc bolts whenever the old ones are removed (I never have, though)
Don’t use copper grease on the disc bolts - just a dab of threadlock.

For the indicators, you’d be best buying and fitting a constant rate flasher unit in place of the original. That way, any type of indicators can be used, and if necessary, they can be swapped out for a different type at any time without changing the flashing rate.

Fitting resistors can be a pain, and introduces more points of possible failure.

Yes, it is for a cbr 6rr, rear flashers. I also got the new bolts.

Sp, where can i get that unit? do ya have a link?. Also is it easy to fit?

I thinl i will just take it to a garage coz if i try and do the pads, disc and light i’ll prob f**k it all up…lol

Pads/Disc are dead simple to do. Literally a reverse of taking them off… Electrics, I pay someone else to do that! I’ve done pads/discs on 3 bikes with no issues at all.

A lot of bike dealers sell them. I got mine from PDQ. They are a direct replacement for the original part, so just plug in where the old one unplugs.

discs/pad piece of pi55 to fit etc, be aware though you will prob have to rebleed the brakes, if new pads are thicker than old you will have to push pistons in a bit to get em in/over the disc.
will be some1 on here that can help, where you based?

connector thing, try halfords am sure they stock some or j&s, hein geriche.

w12, london

You prolly be needing one of these

Infinity stock 'em, as do most decent accessory shops

Or…just came across this