Fitting car exhaust, but nowhere to do it....

The centre silencer on my '98 Polo has blown so I need to replace it. I figured I’ll replace the rear box too at the same time as I can get both from Euro Car Parts for only £35 on offer but my problem is I don’t have anywhere to do the work and my mate has lost my axle stands.

It’s only a few bolts so can’t take too much time to do once I’ve got the car off the ground in some way, can it? So I’m wondering if there happens to be somewhere like the OMC but for cars. Or does anyone have a set of ramps/axle stands and a driveway around North London I can use for a couple of hours?

Cheers all!

Exhausts are always a pain and should never be attempted without proper ramps . Bolts and nut always shear or need cut , new part never fits in where the old part was . Tomfukery and ballachery allround with exhausts …I hates em .

id pop into a quick fit and see if you can slip a little handy or some cash to fit the item you have

Yeah - that would be the best best. They can do it in minutes - so give em £20 cash and hey presto. Good thinking Ross.

I did find this place but it’s a long way from you, and you would probably spend 20-50 on the hire…

So you don’t want to give me a hand this time then?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a Kwik Fit practically opposite the flat but they only “supply and fit, not fit”, or that’s what they’ve always told me anyway. I have got a local garage that could do it but they’d probably charge £40-50 and I’m planning on selling the car in the next few weeks so don’t really want to shell out too much on it - I just figure it’ll be much easier to sell without a blown exhaust…

I’ve got to pick up the exhaust tomorrow if I want it so I’ll maybe stop by the garage beforehand and see what they say.

Thanks guys.

You’re welcome to use my drive/garage/tools, but I have no ramps - and I am out by Lakeside shopping centre…

can hallways ask in quick fit i know my pal works in one and when there slow they do jobs for cash in hand as there pay sucks lol

other then that gum gum exhaust wrap just need stands and a jack that will hold it out for the sale =]

If you get real stuck, I’m sure my neighbour and I can help you out between us. Give me a shout.

There is a place in Park Royal that is like the OMC for cars… Can’t remember what it’s called but will try and find it now…

They got ramps, tools, etc

It’s called Pit Start Garage

Thanks for the all the help/offers people, much appreciated!
I’ll double check the cost at my local garage tomorrow and then may check out that Pit Stop place, thanks Conrad.

Oh, and the garage has put some gun gum type stuff on it a couple of times now, for free, but it only lasts a day or two max - the first time it only lasted a couple of hours.

you need something more like this over the normall just putty stuff

iv not tryed it myself but i would give this ago

Pop round to mine if you’re stuck. Use of driveway, tea provided. I’m hanging about for most of the day so can give you a hand if necessary.

If you want to come round to walton on thames I have jacks, stands and a couple of small ramps. I did the exhaust on my civic and whilst it was a bit of a pain on the floor, managed it okay.

Just what I was going to suggest.

I’ve used the putty, cut out off a coke can and the bandage stuff, worked a treat.

You’d be able to get away with using a jack and some bricks to get the car up.

Expect to spend the whole day at worst on it. Take an angle grinder with cutting discs, new exhaust clamps (make sure you have the right size halfords sell them) exhaust paste various hammers and new exhaust rubbers to hang it up.

And a blow torch. :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys. My usual place wanted “£35 minimum”! But that was because the boss was actually there today :Whistling: but I found an MOT place just round the corner that did it for me in 30mins for £20 and fortunately didn’t need new clamps or rubbers, as I didn’t have them. Not too bad as I got the centre box for less than £15 and the rear one didn’t need doing.

There was quite a lot of hammering going on so I’m quite glad I didn’t attempt it myself in the end!

what’s a car?