Fitted a Xenon Conversion to the Blade over the weekend

Only problem is that it makes the main beam look dull now… :expressionless: (this is the 6000 k Kit)

Pre Xenon

Now fitted

And now its dark :twisted:

Currently in negotiation to try and sort out a deal in buying a few if anyone is interested? (hopefully im going to be able to get H4 & H7 kits, come with a year guarantee and can get most temps of Kelvin 4700k , 6000k , 8000k , 10000k , 12000k)

Very, very nice! Good for this time of year. How much did the setup cost you, and did you install it yourself?

Bought a kit off eBay and split it between 2 of us as we both only needed 1 bulb…

Am in talks with the supplier for 10 kits (a kit = 2 bulbs) to see what sort of price i can get them for when he comes back with a price i’ll let you know

Yep really easy to fit… its literally 2 spade connectors and then run the wires as discreetly as possible and find somewhere to house the Ballast (roughly 10cm x 8cm)

HID4U kit was about £130 and yes they are easy to fit… it’s just that the Duc didn’t produce enough power to charge up the damn ballast.

Check out the link:

After market kits are all ok till you need a bulb ive heard of Ballast blowing and braeking too, Mine are from a TVR speed six Hella units, took a gamble on fitment but i got both ballst behind the screen after i bought a double bubble BMW 3 series coil covers stretched over the back of light housing for a water tight and smart looking apearence and nice uprated OE 9500k platinum white/violet bulbs… and with projector style lamps a definte and striking improvement

That looks identical (even down to the connectors) to the kit i fitted and it wasnt that much