Fist bump to the lady on the Honda

Lovely little race and a nod from the lady in the high vis jacket on the maroon Honda.

Both of us proudly displaying our world record female biker meet stickers from Sherrie’s event.

Boom - biker babes :sunglasses:

Oh my, I thought you talking about me, till I saw the Maroon bit.
Except I’ve also lost my sticker from the female biker meet.

I thought you meant me until the honda and maroon bit. But I do have a female biker meet sticker.

I thought you meant me until the lady, maroon and honda bit

I didn’t think you meant me

I’ve been told I ride like a girl… But we all know that’s not true. Ang, Claire and Hels are always overtaking me :smiley:

could’ve been me, but wrong day.

Do you only cross-dress on Wednesdays?

Fridays as it happens, the leathers take a while to get into, and oil is involved, but my bum looks amazing!