First week in July

Start in Ikeja, meet at the Cafe on GRA for breakie and a 9.30 depart.

Early ride will largely avoid motorways, or even full tarmac roads to be honest, we will just have to stick to the traffic jams at first. Don’t expect to get over 20 mph until we clear Lagos and hit the road to Lekki - bit straight but you should be able to make progress thereafter.

Lunch will be taken in a nice beach hut with cold drinks available and bbq fish or chicken - your choice. We will depart before dark and have a row with the hut owners who will try and hussle us for some extra cash despite the fact we agreed a price earlier. This will blow over with a smile when we cough up an extra 100n - pennies to us and all part of the “way it is”.

Back home for a post drive/ride laugh at the two Danfos still arguing about whose right of way it is at the junction a mile back.

125s welcome:)

I may be out of work by then, sort me out a bike and i’ll sort out the flight :smiley: