first trackday!!!

so i finally did my first track day…
yesterday evening at snetterton!

oh man why oh why didnt i do it years ago!!:cool:

cant believe how much grip there is on the track and what it did to my tyre’s:w00t:
sticky or what!!!

it was the best £45 i have spent in ages

was just getting into my stride on the last session of the evening and guess what!
i ran out of petrol on the back straight:w00t:

thats the thing with old bikes you have to put it onto reserve yourself!! i wont make that mistake again:D


glad you hade fun mate, and came back all in one piece!

tyres get mashed on trackdays, wtaching the LB lot at brands, when they puled in you could see the tyres were caned! the surface prper rips them up, big rubber bogies!!

running out of petrol!! you nutter!:smiley:

well done dude…with your history i expected the bike to com back in bits…:w00t: proved me wrong:D;)

i will do one soon dude, come with, me you and me teacher;)

yer you gotta do one sooner rather than later!!!

you dont need a teacher just keep up with the quicker bikes to get the lines!!:smiley:

ya cheeky fecker with my history!!! glad you got confidence in my riding:w00t:

Welcome to the dark side … I’ll bet your next one is already booked :wink: Addictive? Nah, not at all, we can give it up any time we want to, honest :smiley:

so thats what came over me then!! use the dark side!!!:cool:

nearly booked it last night:) but need to know about time off work (if i can get it off)

so this is what heroin is like then!!!:w00t:

I have been known to say that a Crack habit would be cheaper and better for your health than racing, but not nearly as much fun :wink:


your right there sir!!! i like puffing on the pipe!!! but its gotta be akropovic:cool:

I bet it won’t be the last :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to the dark side indeed! it sure wont be your last!!!

Great fun aren’t they, I did my first bike trackday last wednesday on Silverstone GP circuit I’ll be doing more :slight_smile:

oh yes more than i thought it would be!!

i will defo be doing more if ya wanna book one, gimme a shout and ill be up for it!!:smiley:

I’ll keep you in mind :wink:

Hi Ricky - glad it went well! Really pleased you got some good dry sessions in … thought of you during the last session of the day event as there were some ominous black clouds looming!



it went really well ( home in one piece ) how did yours go?
i forgot you was over there during the day.
i got there just in time to sign in it was a mad rush:w00t:

it was dry all 4 sessions!!! lucky me:D

Went really well thanks … the ride home was tough though! Also feeling it a bit today!

4 sessions is really good - if you’re not too far away evening sessions seem to be great value for money, at Snett at least.



glad it went well
i bet it was!! ive done that journey on a bike before but not after going round the track all day your brave:w00t:
i hired a van felt like i was in an arm chair on the way home!!

yep very good value for money
i will be doing it again defo if your up for it come in the van

I may well take you up on that!:smiley:

Just about to load the van for 2 days at Cadwell with a bunch of friends from the Ixion List :D:D

Can I possibly be cheekly enough to ask you guys to start doing the sun dance please, looks like we need all the help we can get.


Cherie xx

Have fun, chick :wink: Last weekend was nice and dry.