First trackday instructing

Was at Brands on Saturday for my first trackday instructing for Focused Events.The weather was ok but cold until we got within a few miles of the circuit and there was sleet coming down which soon turned to snow which was settling.I was optimistic as it was still early.The fun started as soon as we entered the circuit.The gate marshall was laughing at the conditions probably thinking we were mad to try riding there.To get to the infield paddock we had to cross the track at Paddock Hill Bend.I gave the van a bit of welly to see how slippery the track was.The van went sideways for 30metres.I don`t think anyone saw me,hehe.Made it to the garages in one piece to see no-one leather clad but thermal clad and wooly hats,but getting their bikes ready in anticipation of improving conditions.

The Brands staff were trying to clear the circuit as best they could.Unfortunately the the fastest thing out there was the tractor doing 6 minute laps.At 10:30 it was declared unsafe to ride and the event was cancelled.I met a few people anyway which broke the ice(sorry about that).Looking forward to the 21 Jan when i`m back there.I see djjasoncarrol and the ever evasive chuffster will be there too.Look forward to seeing you then and anyone else that can make it. Enjoy the attached photos.



Good to hear from you, lets hope its better than that on the 21st. Based round the corner from there I can say that in the morning I stayed in and kept warm. Managed 80 odd miles in the afternoon but conditions were not exactly ideal for very worn super corsas still running race pressures! Ok, I am nuts.

Look forward to some instruction and ragging on the 21st.

Hey B ! I’m so glad that you made it happen! I told you that you could do it mate! I’m looking forward for some of your lessons mate, but in the sunny warm weather off course! lol

Hey Brian, nice one! Wow, amazing pictures. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them for the first time, as we’d just come back from sunny 20c conditions in Spain! I fear it’ll be a few months before there’s decent track riding weather

All the best for the future events with Focused, I wish you all the best!

Cheers guys,Cezar,im glad i went for it too.After all these years ive found that its still in my blood and its a new challenge for me which i need.Can`t wait for the better weather,then the real fun will start.

To think I very nearly booked the focused track day at Brands for saturday!!! Glad i Didn’t now!!!