First Trackday, brands indy on Wednesday (26/07/2006)

Posted this on another forum as well so if you are seeing it again, sorry !..

Finally I got on track after a couple of unsuccessfull attempts. The day started out a bit crap as I soon realized that my daily ride to work and the occasional weekend blast hadn’t really improved my cornering skills! Almost ran really wide on Graham hill bend and for some reason couldn’t come to grips with Druids. The first two sessions I just sat in 3rd and even made a joke to my mates that maybe I should buy a Burgman !

Anyway, by the third session things came together finally started getting my kneedown (I last did that about a year ago on a roundabout so was a little rusty!),started to get a little faster and actually use gears…

Was cool, great day out and my track riding improved massively ! Now to book the next one…

Also quite a few offs though and I think one guy even got stretchered away, hope he is okay.

Pics below, I was quite impressed with the trackside photog cos usually there seem to be alot of complaints. A bit crap that they mainly shoot the morning session but thankfully he shot the first session of the afteroon so at least I got a couple of kneedown pics.

KneeDownnnnnnnn on Druids…

Me about to get Owned !

My shredded slider…

No more chicken strips !

Mullered Front Tyre

A wildlife sacrifice to the masking tape pentagram of dooooooom !

I also finally got my left kneedown on Graham Hill bend… result !

Good work mate! Gixxer’s rock on the track

Nice mate! Very good quality pictures you should get them printed and framed! Looks like you have got the hang of it pretty well!

I like the tyres as well they look well mullered! You couldnt have been going that slow!

Great stuff - preparing myself for my first day on Monday! Adrenalin pumping already!

Jay, yep the Gixxer felt rock solid !

Terry, dunno about speed the track just seems to munch tyres ! Although by the end of the day I was learning how to set the slower guys up and overtake them. A mate of mine has been riding for awhile and was lapping me on the first sessions. In the afternoon he couldn’t lap me ! My riding improved by like 100% by the end of the day…

LSD, you’ll love it mate… only thing is that I realized my riding wasn’t all that great… Kinda like I planned to go there and demolish the track, I ended up giving it a bit of a kicking by the end of the day though…

Road riding just seems a bit ****e now, guess I will just have to stick to my “below balance point” stunting for playing on the road… (although I almost looped a wheelie about a week ago… )

Congrats mate. Nice to hear that you improved during the day as well. Confidence must be quite high in the camp now. Best save the shrapnel and book another one.

Well Done! Do come and say hello if i`m instructing on your next one.

Fancy the next LB trackday at Brands Indy 10 Oct?

Chuffster, confidence is a bit better but still taking it easy as I got a little over confident and ran a lil hot (well for me anyway… ) into Paddock Hill !.. I am convinced Satan himself designed that corner !

B, probably gonna do another one end of august (I see FE are doing the GP track around then so that could be an option… ) Otherwise if the weather is still good by Oct the 10th sounds good to me. Want to do another two trackdays before the summer is up…

If youre thinking of doing the Brands GP circuit 23 August id say it may be pricey but well worth doing just for the experience. You wont forget it! Ill be on this day as well if you want any tracktime etc.

Dont forget to put your name down for the LB trackday 10 Oct if youre still interested.

Looking good Tex, nice looking bike to

Tex! The track is a real eye-opener, eh! We all go there thinking we are better riders than we really are. The track shows you without a doubt, where you are in the art of riding a bike well. As you spend more time there, you see new things, learn new techniques, listen to the advice of better riders, become a better rider yourself, and then you get to the fast group eventually, and POW! your eyes are REALLY opened! There you see just how slow you are, and just how fast bikes can really go!

As long as you go there with humility and an eagerness to learn, you can only do good things at the track. Go there with an attitude or some over-inflated ego and you’ll either end up on the floor, or not improve your riding one bit.