First Track Day

Alright peeps,

Looking to do my first track day some time end of March, feeling confident enough on the R1 now >:)

Anyone got any plans for a day out near london anytime around then and mind me tagging along? Or just offer any advice on who to talk to / book through / go to…


a few are going to Silverstone on the 29th March (see post here) that is a very nice place for your R1 :slight_smile:

Nice one, I’ll check out the thread…

ive finally booked my trackday. £105 if anyone wants to join me

I may join Kato 2

I’ll be starting a March 20 Lydden Hill thread soon.

Good luck with your trackday p3rks. I’m looking to go to Rockingham on 18th April if you fancy it. Two of us riding up from E.London.

Hope you get good weather on the day.

FWIW, share a van. If you ride to the circuit, you’ll be knackered by the time you ride home.

How was your track day mate? Give us some feed back … did you get any photos?

Jerry, I want to hire a van but we are getting high prices from the main chains - streetcar, Sixt etc… and the local guys are asking for large deposits or have wood panel vans so we can’t access all the tie down points.

Looks like we are going to ride up the night before and stay in a B&B

swap your car for a pickup truck and carry it to trackdays on that - works a treat :wink: