First time buyers!!

Just put an offer down and got accepted!! woohoo!!

now the nightmare begins , mortgage advisors, solicitors, fees, hidden fees etc!!

Any advice//tips appreciated!

My advice is learn to stay in alot as no extra cash to go out.

Congratulations!!! Now the work really begins.

The main thing for you is to keep your team in order. Your ‘team’ consists of yourself, your solicitor and your lender. Don’t forget that the estate agent is actually employed by the sellor.

My first questions would be:

Have you instructed a good solicitor that you’re familiar with and that is familiar with the area in which you are buying. If not, ask the agent to recommend a solicitor they work with regularly. Lazy solicitors are the main cause of delays in this industry.

Same goes for your mortgage provider.

I manage an estate agents in Ealing so feel free to contact me with any questions!

Get a proper survey, its the best £700 ish you will spend.

As soon as you can, set up a direct debit to overpay your mortgage every month, you will be surprised what £50 or £100 a month does over 25 years. From memory I think it knocks about 4 years off the term.

Dont be afraid to do jobs around the house yourself (Not gas/elec but decorating and general DIY), it will save you a fortune and it is a skill learned for next time.

Lastly, dont get too attached to the place until you have exchanged and have a move date. Things happen and you need to be objective and know when to cut your losses and pull out.

Oh yes, congrats:D

yeah we went with the solicitors that the estate agent recomended as they are local.

we are taking some time with the mortgage advisors (ask a few look around). Im trying not to pay a fee for them aswell - so off to see one that chargers the lender instead of us tomorrow.

some good tips there Danny thanks

Whilst a survey is necessary to satisfy lenders, most of them are full of disclaimers and cause unecessary alarm. I wouldn’t bother getting a homebuyers at all and only get a full structural if you are buying a whole house. If you are buying a leasehold flat, buildings insurance held by the freeholder will cover the building.

as we are not buing a whole house i dont think it is worth it either…

I’m in the process of buying/selling at the moment and reckon that the solicitor have cost us a month so far… my advice is to hassle the bejesus out of them daily to make them want to get you off their books! Leave them alone and they do nothing. I’d been waiting for about 6 weeks for a resale pack from my management company for the flat and the solicitors faithfully said they had sent many letters and the management company said they hadn’t received any… eventually I asked the right question to my solicitor… “where are you sending the letters?” Reply: “Milton Keynes” My management company are in Croydon… nuff said!:angry:

So in short - clarify everything the money grabbing, lazy buggers say has been done and then check it with the other end… you won’t make any friends but it’ll speed the process through and help to keep your sanity! And remember, as a first time buyer, you’ll never have moving as easy again! :w00t: Good luck!

If you need a good conveyancing solicitor, let me know as i have used them twice and my parents 3 times. They’re based in SE London.

Keep copies of literally everything, make notes of any phone calls you have and accept it that you will have to chase them. Solicitors are notoriously bad at informing their cilents of progress. And speak to the secretary, not the solicitor as they’re very expensive and will charge you for any extra letters or advice. Try and find one who does a fixed fee, or get an estimate in writing.

Fair point, I was thinking of a house rather than a flat.

  1. ALL payments agreed are subject to YOUR approval. If you say 10k today, and a radiator bursts, that 10k is subject to negotiation to take that burst radiator into account.

  2. Serious survey…ANY damage/problems is/are leverage for a price reduction.

  3. Do ALL your planned rennovation BEFORE you move in…empty houses are much easier to work on than one’s full of boxes and people.

Kalorisiko Panagiotis!

Good luck :slight_smile:

συγχαρητήρια πάλι! :smiley:

πέστε γειάσου στην ύπαρξη απένταρος:D

london houses r expensive best is to live in a caravan

I would strongly recco getting a full survey done - the cost can be added to your mortgage which I suggest is a repayment and the one accounts with Virgin, Halifax & Natwest are good as this will decrease the term without you having to overpay as previous comment made.The only money you can save once price agreed is the percentage the Estate Agent wants.

Remember as a First Time Buyer you hold all the pukka cards.

Also don’t wait for all other parties involved to contact you just start stalking straight away !

Good Luck and try not to get stressedPlus once in said new house the moving in party should consist of bring your own paint brush and DIY tools !

PMSL!! hahaha :w00t: mate almost fall of the chair laughing,(it says “say goodbye to the existance of broke” - but i got the picture)

Good luck matey, I am in the same boat I just put an offer in for a place just waiting to hear back on loads of stuff if.

Get a mortgage that acts as a current a/c, NatWest One etc - that way you have both flexibility when things go udders vertical and you can pay off early if income exceeds expenditure for a while.

Plus it makes it very easy when moving yet again (as you will).

Do get (only with the above type of mortgage, others have different options) the extra very cheap job/life insurance option, about GBP20pm per 100k borrowed - worth every penny, I am a happy customer under otherwise sorrowful conditions.