First thing is first wheelies?

Now how do ya do them? Off the throttle on a 600 too cause I don’t want to fry my clutch. I can get the front wheel up about a foot in the air on the power in second over bridges etc North wembley is good for that but I can’t for the life of me get the front up on the flat. The most it has ever come up in first is about a couple of inches. Any ideas?

Lean forwards and bounce down on the handlebars compressing the front springs. With the correct timing as you stuff on the power it will come up easy. Practice ,akes perfect.

You could always book a wheelie school and they will teach you how to do it.

I really want to do one of those and practice on someone elses bike. The last thing I want to do is flip mine over.

I will try the bounce technique. I don’t want to pull huge wheelies just some average ones for outside the ace make people smile.

It’s quite hard to flip a bike, I’ve not flipped my DRZ or Gixxer and they’re both quite lively when on one wheel! I learnt on my DRZ, just by whacking the throttle open in first, getting used to it being up in the air, then holding it up for longer, then learning to bring it up higher, then finding the balance point, then changing gears, then getting nicked by the Police, doh…

Don’t do wheelies on the road, you’ll regret it at some point, trust me.

Did you get points from the rozza’s?

you will need a mixture of practice and balls…mix them together and off you go!!

Points no, luckily. Though I’m having to bite my lip and attend a £160, two-day Rider Improvement Course. Bleh. If you play with fire, you end up getting burnt at some point!

Have never done one in my life…

i got kinda ok at them but last time i done one i hit a car turning right and got nicked 8 points and smashed up leg whoops … so i stopped

Never really tried them on purpose… the wheel comes up easy off hard acceleration and thats enough for me… knock ya front sprocket down one and it’ll go skywards easy enough!

Jay… you have to do this course? do the fuzz send you on it?

Better than points I suppose still just a slapped wrist would have been better. Still one good thing at least the course will bring your insurance down.

I know the guy on that red bandit got caught by the old bill the other day do you know what happened to him Jay?

Daz is waiting to hear, and no doubt he will, as he’s a regular there, and they’ll know it. I doubt this is going to help my insurance, it’s not like an IAM course or anything. Though any discount would be nice!

Who’s got to do a rider improvement course??? TUT TUT… LOL…

if you are gonna practise wheelies, do it away from the public eye… there is nothing like the pressure of joe public to make things go wrong… also pick some where thet is relativly flat, my mate flipped his cbr400 after hutting a bump in the road… wasnt a lot left… also my old flatmate flipped his ZX9 on the run to bury hill and all that was left after that was his front right hand brake caliper (bike caught fire and distroyed everything from the fuel tank back including compleatly melting the subframe, swing arm and rear wheel/tyre!!! as in nothing left except a pool of ally on the roadside!!!) but when you get them right they ARE big and theyARE clever… hehe


Matt, thats one great wheelie picture.

Yes, I would have to agree with Chuffster, cool pics.

build up gradually, start by accelerating to 30mph in 1st gear , shutting off and whacking open.<- this will make you crap your pants for a while.

when you can ride out all of 1st gear, work on getting that smooth, then clutchless changing to 2nd etc

once you can carry a wheelie for a bit, “getting it up” isnt so much of a focus as balance and throttle control. once you know how, clutching it up is better and easier (IMHO).

bad wheelies can scew your gearbox (see my poor old R1) and headbearings, not to mention frames,wheels and fairings (and you) if it all goes wrong.

I learnt the hard way and then done a wheelie school to see if there was a better way, I suggest you cut out the learning the hard way bit and book yourself a place

i’d say the most important part of pulling a wheelie is to keep ur back brake covered,front brake aint much good when ur front wheel is 3 or 4 ft in the air i found on a 6 the best way is to clutch it up in 2nd at bout 35/40

Jay, it’s easy to flip a bike, i’ve done it while on holiday at Daytona a few years ago, told the Harley guys i was from the press and wanted to test ride a Buell, i took it away and flipped it outside the hotel, got it on video too

Brilliant, thanks for that entertaining image you’ve just put in my head Did you run very fast afterwards, away from the owners?

Floyd, I missed your post; I have the option of magistrates procedings, or attending this course. I’m taking the course, I learnt my lesson, there’s no need for points! Great time to have to shell out for it though, I wanted to go on holiday, and do something on the bikes.