First Tack day Cadwell

I did my first track day at Cadwell last Tuesday. It was with Hopp Rider Training and they are a guaranteed hooligan free zone, which I wanted as I needed to ride home.

I was really nervous for the first couple of sessions, but really got into it after lunch. The track is great, as there’s not really any straights so the speeds are kept down (for me they were).

It was a really good day, and I’m much more confident with getting the bike over. The chicken strips have gone from about an inch to a few mm, It’s just a shame they need replacing.

Welcome, midlife_crisis !

Cadwell was my second trackday! I loved it… Don’t worry about your fears etc… I have now done loads of tradays and still feeling the same buterflys on my stomac every time I’m leaving the pits.

Congrats on getting out there and I am glad you enjoyed it. I have done something in the region of 25 now. Cadwell is one of the best circuits I have done. Bit daunting at first but has just about everything in a track you could wish for.

I echo the other guys comments here, well done! Though I have to contest one thing, no straights?? There’s a 170mph straight at the back, that’s pretty fast, by anyones standards!

I’d love to call you a “big girl, pah, 170mph nothing”. But the smell in my leathers would give it all away.

Your right that straight and Park straight are quick if you kick the bike up a gear, but I found the corners approaching fast enought in 3rd gear. I’m not sympathic to the hardware. And, I was there to get the bike lent over not to hit big numbers. Grinning from ear to ear, my girlfriend tells me the photo’s have turned up, could be a quick ride home, can’t wait to see them.

No worries, trackdays are an arena to master, you can’t do it all the first time, it takes time and experience. I love Cadwell, it’s one of my favourite circuits; nice and cheap, but unfortunately, bloody far away! Scan some pictures in when you get them