First sports bike, first training/trackday booked. All in one week.

Hi all. Newbie here but met quite a few at Ace last year when choosing which bike. Thanks for all opinions. Now proud owner of a 600RR. Bikes sure have got more capable in last 15 years!
Off to Cadwell next week for a training/trackday (this one) and can’t bloody come soon enough!
I should feel nervous but something tells me I’ve found an expensive new hobby! :smiley:

Enjoy it mate, just remember you have got all day, take your time and nerves are good - means you wont stack it :slight_smile:

Have a good day lovely track, try not to bin it, it’s a long way to London in an aa truck…

Enjoy it.

I went to Cadwell with a mate for his first track day…He loved it and so will you.

It’s a great track (like a nice twisty road but much faster), just build up speed over the course of the day and ask an instructor early on to show you the way around the track. It’s normally free and it’s worth it.

Thanks guys. It is a great place, I arrived up the night before and slept in my van along with about 50 others. Was great. Helped me relax about it. Woke up to what looked like a good weather day but it went the other way and rained most of the day. Was ok though not that bad.
Briefing, sighting laps then novice briefing and some instructor time (big thanks to instructors Billy McConnell / Peter Hickman / Mick Grant of Easytrack) put me right in the ZONE!! LOL. Seriously they and the rest of the riders helped a lot in making the jump to the track. Especially on a new bike.
Best bit of advice was to first do 3 laps, then a break then 4, then 5 etc… was a semi open pitlane type thing so I timed it when the rain eased. Loved the Mountain but the front wheel lifting and the back spinning while you’re coming over there is something I’ll not enjoy for a while yet!!
New tarmac one some of the track was a bit of a worry but in the end I was ok and everyone else, nobody fell all day and no red flags. Not much flags at all really other than chequered so I’ve still got to learn about paying attention and doing the right thing when they wave.
Can hardly believe how much rubber has gone since it was a wet track for 60% of the time!
100% say to anyone now if you’re thinking about going to a track then just do it!!
Got Snetterton booked already on bank holiday so I must be hooked. Some sun please.