First ride on the tiger

Well after much consideration i think this would make for a great first ride on the new Tiger when i pick it up on Monday.

If anyone can join me that will be great, it wont be fast as i will be running the bike in and its my first big bike after riding the Cub scooter for the last 2 years.

I think it will be an entertaining ride and the views are great, ive been round this same area quite a few times. Getting there is abit of a mission but its deffinately worth it.

Here is the route i plan on taking… Not including the journey to the start point

looks like a blast… wish i could be there but im stuck in belize. That would of been great on my moto, maybe another time :wink:

Nobody want to join me? Its great for trail riding too if you want to go off the beaten track

Hi , sounds interesting :slight_smile:
Send me PM with starting point and time please.

Sure does don’t it… Wish i could join in :wink:

Route looks great, but don’t think its anywhere near London sadly :smiley:

Thats funny… I must of searched wrong or sumat… Looks like its just out of london, gona have to do it when i can on my moto :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to give people an idea in which direction London is from where i have planned the rideout… Not too much of a ride to get there :smiley: