First Pratice Results Wanneroo

Johnson 56.64 Rea 57.10 Keevers 57.71 Stronach 57.92 Seeley 58.23 Lowry 58.28 McWilliams 58.38 Pitt 58.44 Stauffer 58.62 Senior 58.62 Dave Johnson 58.81 Boulton 58.98 Andrews 59.14 1450 - Flag is out, they are on their last lap now… And it was another 57.05 to Johnson and a 57.29 for Rea. 1449 - 57.05 to Johnson this time. Rea coming now… 57.1… Another huge improvement for Rea, the gap to Johnson’s best now down to a much more respectable 0.46 of a second… 1448 - 57.22 first lap out that time to Johnson… Rea crossing the line… A 57.50 an improvement for the Northern Irishman and closes the gap to Johnson’s best down from 0.99 of a second to 0.86 of a second. Still some way to go but it is progress… 1447 - Johnson on first flying lap out of the pits now, Rea just crossed the line to start the same… 1446 - Johnson and Rea back on track now… 1444 - Rea back in the pits for some tweaks and thoughts… Johnson just returned to pitlane again also 1443 - Rea down to 57.63 now. Johnson’s 56.64 still quickest and the Victorian just dipped into the 56s again with a 56.9. 1438 - Riders coming in and out of the pits for tweaks to their mounts as the session wears on. Jonathan Rea making progress, second quickest now with a 57.77 on the Fireblade 1436 - 14 minutes remaining in this session and no rider within cooee of Johnson’s 56.64 as yet. Next best in this outing thus far is Ben Stronach with a 57.97, Alastair Seeley 58.23, Pitt 58.44 and Rea 58.45 1434 - Johnson on his first flyer out of the pits that time around lowers the mark with a stunning 56.64 on the KTM RC8R…wow 1432 - Jonathan Rea visited the pits also but now heading back on track behind Johnson… Perhaps looking for a few pointers from the man who has done a few laps of Wanneroo in his time… 1431 - Johnson back in the pits after that 57.75 1430 - Johnson to the top of the charts again now with a 57.75 1429 - Rea backs that up with another 58.4. Johnson second in this session thus far with a 58.8 1428 - 58.4 next time around for Rea… 1427 - A 59.4 on the first flyer for Rea on the Superstock bike… 1426 - Jonathan Rea eager to get out of the blocks and get some clear air was first out of pitlane and immediately put his head down… Be interesting to see what his first flying lap comes in at… 1425 - Pit lane is open and they are all out of the gates in quick succession, Wanneroo resembling something of an anthill as they all hit the track at the same time in search of some more set-up time with their new mounts and for some of course a new track also… 1420 - 125 session wrapping up now so Kings out shortly… Hatton topped the 125 session with a 65.0 1345 - We have had some clubman racing and sidecars on track since I posted those interviews. 125 GP riders are out next before the Kings of Wanneroo FP2 session gets underway. The clouds have returned and the weather is a little humid but there is a fair breeze about to make it a little more pleasant. 1315 - Interview with Jonathan Rea after FP1 at Kings of Wanneroo (2.2Mb MP3) - DOWNLOAD 1310 - Interview with Andrew Pitt after FP1 at Kings of Wanneroo (2.3Mb MP3) - DOWNLOAD 1233 - Lunch break here now for all the flaggies and staff so no action on track for a little while now. 1230 - Scratch that idea, I just went down to have a word with some of the boys to find them with food in each hand and a mouthful to boot so won’t interrupt their lunch just yet… 1216 - Heading out to talk to a few of the boys again now 1215 - Interview with Dan Stauffer after FP1 at Kings of Wanneroo - 2.7Mb - DOWNLOAD (End is a bit rough as Dan had to catch his bike as it fell off the rear paddock stand when his mechanic dropped the forks through while working on the bike 1212 - Interview with Shannon Johnson after FP1 at Kings of Wanneroo (2.7Mb) - DOWNLOAD 1205 - Interviews uploading, just testing the files before I make them ready to download 1155 - Okay we just had some quick words with Dan Stauffer and Shannon Johnson. Processing those files now and will have them up for you shortly. 1145 - We will take a short break from the live coverage now to try and grab some of the boys for a quick word. Back soon… 1142 - Kings of Wanneroo First Practice