First on bike video editing attempt

Hi this is my first video editing attempt
Filed with a VIO POV 1.5 camera
I used windows movie maker but there must be some thing that gives you more opions

Great video love the added music, good to see the usual miserable old [email protected] at the H Cafe :smiley:

Small point that’s not the Thame to Bicester rd. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know mate bloody thing labeled it from where I last added name to other videos but deleted it by mistake it’s that small circuit from h’s ay

Hey I remember that bike+camera… Where you on the roundabouts last Sunday - we were talking suspensions I believe…

I was on the Red GSR!

Nice vide btw! :slight_smile:

Yes fella how’s things

I went a bit overboard on Sunday and kinda melted the toe slider to the point where I nearly hit the inner sole… :frowning:

Had good fun doing it though! :slight_smile:

Nice work, very much enjoyed watching that, and the first two songs were bang on. Thanks for posting it, and for introducing me to Gavin Rossdale.

pm sent.

Sliiiiightly late!

I know, I can’t understand why I’ve never heard of them until now :hehe:

Them, Nirvana and Green Day got me through adolescence!

Also, he’s married to Gwen Stefani, so pretty much a hero. :cool: