First off.... :@

Just went out for a little ride and got about a mile down the road. Heading up towards Wood Green and waiting to turn right down Lordship Lane I got smacked in the side/rear by a leviathan of a 4x4 emerging from Lordship Lane. I was waiting at the lights when they were red…they went green…i went forward and was sitting in the junction for a good 5-6 seconds before I was hit…so matey in the 4x4 had clearly ran the red light!!

This is the junction:,-4.064941&sspn=17.707104,39.331055&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Wood+Green,+Greater+London,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.597024,-0.109815&spn=0,0.004801&z=18&layer=c&cbll=51.596951,-0.109757&panoid=i_axkZG1PBcMTsX8fHVcWw&cbp=13,3.75,0,20.29

My right rear indicator is smashed from the impact and the left one is bent. Other than that, the bike LOOKS ok, however I dont know if thats the case structurally / mechanically… and I dont fancy something falling off it at 70mph!

Do I just go to a a regular repair shop, explain what happened, and get them to check it out? Or do I have to go to somewhere that does body repairs etc?

My back is hurting quite a bit as it was twisted on the impact. If it hurts more tomorrow then I’ll get it checked out…or should I just do that anyway?

The 4x4 driver admitted liability at the scene and was very apologetic…but still…what a twat. I was clearly visible and stationary FFS… a sitting duck that he just rammed into!

Any advice would be appreciated. It’s my first off…

Cheers and OUCH

hi mate,
first off i work in this buisness, for a solictors company in insurance.
you should report it too your insurance company but not make a claim, if your excess is more than to fix the bike, so then if the 4x4 driver claims of their insurance, then you will have been ‘been first to the post’ which is always better.
if your back is injured then i suggest telling your insurance company and then they should take/suggest you go to a gp an get medical report, if it is bad they will instruct solictors on your behalf to claim compensation for your injury. or the solicotrs will be instructed before hand and they themselves will set up the appointments.
but if your back is fine, and the bike’s damaged is less expensive than your XS or No Claims Bonus then i would just REPORT it but not CLAIM it and fix it yourself or a private garage, so if the 4x4 driver does claim, it means if the 4x4 insurance company want to get the money back what they paid to the 4x4 (repairs, XS) from you/your insurance company, then the information is allready there and freash on their database.
Hope this helps and makes sense :slight_smile:

Bad luck mate, and I hope you get well soon. Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. If you back is sore, get to A&E right now! Do not assume it is just bruised, get it check and treated properly and promptly.

  2. GWS.

what kevsta said!
cause ur back might get worse and you defo dont want that

Hope your back feels better soon… never good to read about an off :slight_smile:

Dude, crap news but hope no serious injury - but as peeps said get it checked out!! As always bike can get sorted, but only one of you!

Flipping hate riding round Harringey genrally as it seems that it’s where all the muppets choose to drive, particularly at the weekend!!! Think that there is a CCTV camera at that junction - look at the 2nd floor of Barclays Bank, try to get hold of the tape ASAP if you can just in case.


pm sent

Glad you’re ok, but like others have said, get yourself checked out and inform your insurance.

I know that area of London well as I used to live nearby in South Tottenham for a few years.

Not surprised by the crap driving.