First OFF

Well I had my first off today.

heading toward the M25 through Epsom I managed to tangle with a Volvo as it turned into its drive. Completely my fault as I was distracted a couple of seconds before hand.

Hospital e.t.c crack in the ankle and some other bruising. Back at work though now as soo much to do.

Only seem to have dented the door of the volvo so im hoping to get them to let me pay for the dmg rather than an insurance job.

weren’t undertaking were we now? naughty naughty;) good luck with the volvo i must say i’m suprised you dented it:P

Glad you can out of it almost OK, sometimes we just gotta learn the hard way :pinch:

Unlucky there…Hope things get sorted quickly.

hey stan, glad to hear you are ok, but i think you should take sometime off to recover fully and fast so you can be on the bike pronto! :wink:

Glad to see your alright and are now a non virgin rider.

unfortunately i run a very sporting event next week with over 1200 participants so im a little stuck with the work situation.

Hey ho

Also not undertaking, but my choices were try to go to the right of him and hit oncoming or try to go as far left as possible and go with the car for a glancing hit.I did two dents to the door, so going to chat with them now. Wish me luck.

Good luck with the Volvo owner. It’s always a tough gig admitting it was your fault.

was it your fault, even though you may not have been concentrating did he indicate was his manoeuvre safe…be careful what you say…think about it and talk to some one who knows how to handle these things…

Give the guy a break, he already drives a Volvo :crazy:

Stan already said he was at fault and I wish more of us were that honest :wink:

Unfortunate there mate, we all have made silly mistakes when we started riding, my first off was overtaking on a blind bend …:crazy:

at least you can learn from it and move on, good luck with the volvo driver and hope it goes OK.

so how did it go with the Volvo driver?

Hope all went according to plan

They were a loverly couple in their 70’s who were turning into their drive.

They have put my bike (which looks ok apart from some comsmetic dmg) into their garage out of the weather.

They are going to get two quotes for me over the next week from their local garages, so if it comes in ok I will pay for it to be sorted rather than insurance.

Dented the front passenger door a little and the back left passenger door. Ankle looks like it has two tennis balls attached to it at the moment but all in all I could have come of much worse.

They said I could leave the bike there till im ok to ride it.

Anyways thanks for the support chaps.

sorry to hear of your off!

that is so cool of them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update, very nice of them to do that, lots of other people wouldn’t!

Maybe that’s karma for being honest?? :slight_smile:

Glad your ok

I reckon they’ll be thrashing your bike around town as we speak !

Sorry to hear it mate, well done for being honest and saying it was your fault.

On the bright side, you chose well on the car to damage :smiley:

glad to here you are ok that is the main thing.

Yeah two 70yr olds in tight figure hugging racing leathers… Can you imagine!