first night

hey guys just to say a BIG thankyou for welcoming me on my first meet! especially to Ceazer, Abbeyj and your mate, had a good time, deffo need to speak to more people next week!! also hi to Steve Wright, fellow fazer owner, nice to chat to ya mate.

see ya all next time!

no probs dude was nice too meet ya, i think your bike is better than steves

Ah, didn’t get to speak to you mate, so many to speak to, hard to make time to get round to everyone. Hope to see you next week


what a pleasure it was to meet ya…

Janine says the same thing…

oi oi, ill have none of that…

was pleasure to meet ya also, sorry had to dash!

wasnt entirely happy getting up that kerb…

Matt - great to meet you - if only briefly - will have a better natter next week! Tap me on the shoulder and I’ll get a round in.


Nice to meet you there mate! Hope to see you again on the next one