First MOT experience

First time I’ve had a bike long enough to get an MOT done. I’ve booked it for Saturday. Is there anything I need to do to prepare other than the usual checks for fluid levels, brake pad wear. Bike is turning three, has low mileage. No material modifications so I’m sorta confident it should be all good. Also how long does the actual MOT take to get done?

An MOT is just a formality for a well maintained vehicle. Expect a Class 1 or 2 MOT to take half an hour, that’s all the workshop time you’re going to get for thirty hard earned, my local discounts that to 25.

My local doesn’t like to be rushed, they always tell me to return in an hour or so. I’ve learnt to have a walk around the block, or a quick coffee, and when I return the bike will already be standing outside done. I suspect they don’t want to admit how quick the test actually is. :slight_smile:

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Wrong thread…

If it’s a three year old untouched bike, it should really be a matter of checking the tyres, brake pads, fluids, all bulbs work etc, and like NT says it’s a formality that takes about half hour…

Normally also check that licence plate, exhaust all comply with regulation, depending on how lenient a place you choose and how well they know you.

My experience is that most bike mot places were a bit more ‘understanding’ unlike car Mots.

After I moved down south I started combining my service with MOT so was guaranteed a pass as the mechanic drove it to MOT place. I once saw an off-road bike with a plate the size of my phone which had just come back with a pass :grinning:

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Make sure you have a legal number plate :slight_smile:

I used to go to a place in a town centre that said leave it with them for an hour.

I now go to a place in an industrial estate that does it which you watch, takes him 20 mins.

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Thanks all. Sounds pretty straightforward!

It’s good to find a friendly MOT tester depending on any mods done to your bike but otherwise its generally a painless experience for majority of people.

Used to take mine to Burwin’s on Essex Road for before 11am and go for a breakfast at Gesya on Balls Pond Road, by the time breakfast was done MOT was dealt with.


Forgot to come back to this. All said it took 20 minutes at the MOT centre in Deptford.

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