First Milestone

As boring as it may seem, but for me I had what some would call a small ride out!

For me a Hugh one, I hit 100 miles in distance traveled today for the first time on a bike.

Thought I would post and share my joy and pain!

Working my way up to a Jet ride out. :slight_smile:

Right on, next target is 200 :wink:

Your arse usually starts to ache at about the 100 mile mark on a bike - I usually feel a bit stiff after that kind of distance.

good on ya Nic. Where did you go.

Yep my butt was sore, along with a painful shoulder, pins and needles in the hand.

Went to Get on Your Bike, then back to Ace Cafe.

Well done!


Nic that’s great news. Well done:)

Twaddle Sid;) If the roads are curvy yer arse stays perky. Admittedly straight roads cause aches.

I did that just getting to the Ace to start today’s ride out :w00t:

Well done that man… Ha ha

Well done Nic

Saddle sore you say, you’ll need to get your seat fixed. Five of us completed the RBLR/Iron Butt SS 1000 a couple of weeks back. 1000 miles in <24 hours :wink:

Then there was the 200 miles each way to and from the start/accommodation in Leeds :slight_smile:

Googlie Maps wotsit here

Get some practice in we’re going again in June 2014

Smaller bikes tend to have saddles that look in keeping with the size of the bike but not always in keeping with the size of the human bum!

Also you will find that with more practice you will relax more and hopefully the upper aches will ease too.

Good going.

Nice one, I once rode 600 miles On a Triumph Bonneville T100 from Cherbourg to Pau in the Pyreneés, an experience I am in no rush to repeat! Well not on that bike anyway!!

I’ve ridden in excess of 600 miles in a day on my Pan European, it’s not my ar$e that gets numb, it’s my mind because to practically cover that sort of distance in a day you’re often on REALLY dull roads. zzzzz

Good work Nic, keep it up and you’ll be out with the Jets in no time!

Day two report, not so much the sore butt, it was more the hip! (Asked Pin for rear sets!)
The left arm is sore, hopefully that is tone up with out the expensive gym membership!

Will add a few more miles next week and who know this time next year could be up for the long haul!

Thanks for all the tips and support.