First LBs Pool championship photo gallery is now live!

What a great night ideed! I was going through the photos and it’s another event that I will remember forever. I had a lovely time, thanks to you all! I hope to see you again next month for another episode. Watch this space for the next one.

I can’t finish placing the coments tonight as I’m almost sleeping over the pc. Tomorrow I promise! My apologies.

The Gallery is now live on:

Would that be “Pool Wars Episode II - return of the Talent” ?

Talking about talent Andrew, let me get your hook here.
As you know and if not I will tel you all again I WON!

I would like to to enjoy the oportunity to thank my mechanics which without wouldn’t be possible to get up to the end the competition. Brilliant job guys! the balance was perfect and alignement spot on!

Also have to thank 666 for the organization of the event and the technical support with the strange British rules of the game. Good job mate.

Tobi, I wouldn’t make it without you! Thanks for your ‘cumplicity’ on the right and ‘strategical’ moments, your great ‘view’ and very quick ‘thinking’ guided us to the lead.

Abbey, had a good game but Pool is Pool and it’s only decided on the last lap, as you all know, she did a great race and played well but unfortunately on the last lap she couldn’t cope with the pressure and the Brazilian flag was once again in the podium!

Despite all the ‘rumours’ and all the ‘phychological’ estrategy my oponents tried to use on me and Ginger trying to cheat having an ilegal practising before the race tring to get the advantge og know the terrain beforehand, we managed to keep our concentration and my mind was only on the ‘balls’ leading us to this great victory.

Thank you all very much