First LB Trackdays - May & June, Check it out!

We recently that we’ve partnered up with Focused Events as our track day partner to help get members to the track, and onto it in as best an environment as possible. Two events have been planned for the coming months and all members are invited! The idea is to get people to the track who either haven’t been before but are interested in, and those who already do trackdays. Those who haven’t been before, but are interested in finding out more about their bike in a safe place are more than welcome! You don’t even have to go on the track, you can just come for a ride-out and enjoy the day! Here’s the details:

- Brands Hatch Indy, May 15th, Evening

- Silverstone GP, June 19th, Day

At each event, we’ll be making sure the experience is as good as can be, with dedicated LB garages, pictures and video of the day and all the support you need to have a great day! LB member, B is the senior instructor for Focused Events and will be on hand for at least one of the events to ensure everyone has as good and safe a time on track as possible.

Please discuss your attendance in the threads above if you’re interested in going. You’ll also find details of how to book there.

LB & Focused Events partnership announcement:

Please note that there are a very limited number of spaces on each trackday and as LB has not profit gains on any of this events we cannot control or reserve spaces. If you want to get on the track? You should book it asap.

Am gonna go and do a few track days this year, but need new leathers first. Might do a few before I go out with you lot though first just to polish me skills you understand.

well am waiting for focused events to contact me, hope to be able to go - although I’m a complete novice - hope there will b someone there to help!

Dont worry m8 will be my first track day too. lol

thank god for that - i wont feel such a pr*ck!

You are all going to love it… Remember, it was all out first track day at one point or another… I can’t wait!!!

Good work guys, i hope this is the first of many trackdays where im sure therell be lots of laughs as well as plenty of opportunity to explore you and your bikes limits in a safe environment. So helping us all become better riders.
Ill be there on the 15 May Brands eve instructing and as an LB member myself, ill make sure i`m available should you need me.

hi - used the form on the main page this morning which said that Focused would give me a shout back to book. hadn’t heard from them so gave them a call and they haven’t received anything?

Can you check it out? (may 15th )

Yeah I’ve not heard either!

Had forgot TBH DOH!

The issue has been addressed! Sorry you are experiencing it guys. We have identified a lack of communication on the FE side and it should be solved ASAP. This is a new experience for all of us as it has not been done this way before. Please bear with us and it all will be solved

cheers fella - they’ve now been in touch and i’m booked on the 15th! sweeeeeet

they phoned me today, so i’m booked in as well

I got the call today, many thanks for your efforts on this Cezar, see you all down there

Done and Done!

Gotta get the miles on the trumpet, ready for a thrashin’

Because there weren’t too many places left for the May one, this will just be a warmer to the idea of LB trackdays, with the first proper one where we can all attend being the Silverstone GP event!

Mine was confirmed today, wow 2 weeks to go

I’d really like to come on a track day, however I cannot make it in May. I’ll see if I can make the June one.

Moreover w/e would suit me better… I know… week days are better: less traffic.

If anyone is cancelling may 15th please let me know, I’d love to jump in.


although i,m not doing the track day would i be able to come and watch to see what its like. ???