First kicking today.

So today, I’m at the Shell at Embankment, and park my bike way over to the side so it doesn’t obstruct anyone, go in, and get a cold drink.

When I come out I put my drink into the topbox and get bumped into the leg by a car that didn’t swing far enough to get past me.

At this point I’m still assuming it’s accidental. “Oi, that’s my leg there mate.”

“MOVE YER FKING BIKE YOU FKING C**T!” Oops, obviously it’s not.

“Soon enough, f**k off.”

Sure enough, he runs into my leg with his car AGAIN. Deliberately.

At this time I’ve had it with his behaviour. KABLAM!! Full force kick into the front of his car. Hop on the bike, ride off. He half manages to kick my bike as I pull away but all he managed to do was make a clean spot on my number plate… hahaha, stupid tw@t.

Must be the heat driving everybody mad today. Drive into somebody’s leg? TWICE? F**k that, seriously.

Should have just reported him fella and got him knicked.

I know what it’s like to get right upset and annoyed with the best of them but … like me, if you do anything a bit naughty you’ll leave yourself wide open to get nicked and a day out in court.

Anyways, hopefuly it won’t come to anymore and be bloody careful with all those idiot cagers on the road !

Believe me, I ride on the the mean streets of this city for about ten hours everyday, I know how to behave myself, and I spot dicy situations early on and hang back when appropriate. Today alone I had a few people pulling out in front of me, a few random u-turns / turns across my path, pedestrians walking out etc. and I was able to avoid / stop in all cases. It’s all about recognizing the environments where these might occur (busy high streets, etc.) and riding cautiously when you’re in them… at other times, you can let your hair down a little with no ill effect.

And I know how far is too far in angry idiot incidents like these. Honestly I would have felt like a pussy reporting him for bumping his car into my leg. Giving him the boot is more my style. (My foot is claiming self-defence.) For a second I considered getting off and kicking the living dogcrap out of the fat c*nt after he kicked my bike but I figured screw it, just let it go. A wise decision methinks.

Also, by kicking my bike the only thing he’ll achieve is hurting his foot.

Walter Mitty: An ordinary, often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs.

Still though mate you don’t need crap like that aye !!!

The Twat…

I think you managed to keep your cool to be truthfull

Damn, that’s bad fella. I would have been in a rage as well, but probably have gone and got the CCTV tape and taken it to the local cop-shop. Revenge is best served cold!