First ever winter ride

Usually by end of October my bike is washed, parked and on the trickle charger till late march depending on the temperature. The latest I have ever ridden was till mid November when I commuted, but sub zero morning temps and bulky winter gloves aint fun. So yeah I am a fair weather rider.

Given everything that’s going on the wait seems so much longer till March, so I have been keeping my eye on the weather. Today was pleasant so convinced myself to go out. Plus I am a bit fed up of binging on The Walking Dead. Wrapped up like an Eskimo and it was quite good. Not your usual Saturday blast cause there is winter muck on the road, but a decent half hour for some fresh air did the job.

Anyone else been getting out on the sunny winter days?

Think I am going to do much more of it. Who said heated grips on a sport bike was a waste of time :laughing:


Good on you :slight_smile:

I think heated grips should be standard on all bikes, personally. I have them on my SMC, hehe.

I need to get out on it. This is motivating.

Mine’s just been SORN’d for financial reasons unfortunately but I usually ride through the winter

My heated grips are not working. And they are Honda O.E.M. ones so will probably cost more to fix than… well, just getting a new bike probably.

But my MOT is booked for Monday so once I am road legal I will see what the weather and Covid situations and like.

I have some heated glove liners to make do, and would be nice if I can still make my New Year’s trip to Lulworth Cove. But being extremely vulnerableI would need to hope for bad weather for that. It gets too busy otherwise. There was drizzle this year, which kept the numbers down nicely.

Incidentally, Sunny winter days are the worst. The sun is low so directly in your eye line if you go out super early, like 8am, or stay out really late, such as 3pm. And it is also colder without a blanket of cold to trap heat.

I find overcast days above freezing, so no ice to worry about, are best.

OH! Doesn’t everyone ride all year?

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Every weekend in recent weeks, mostly local and central London stuff. Heated grips and seat go a long way to make it appealing. Hope to keep keep it up.

Should I manage to finish work next Friday as planned I’m hoping to have a day out on the bike around Xmas to go further afield. Not sure where to yet.

Not since Covid

Based on my 1 ride experience :rofl:, I think the sweet spot is between 12pm and 2pm, any potential early morning frost is gone, and the roads are dry by then. yeah that sun glare cuts through, but the sun visor in my lids helps a bit with that. Also I find sunny winter days to be quite calm, so zero wind chill, and when in direct sunlight it is warmer, however as soon as you go into cover from trees or a cloud then, you get slapped with an oh shit it’s cold moment.

Also damp roads don’t inspire confidence in me, I ride like I am in a body cast, and it takes me a while to just relax and do the thing properly. Prob why I have never done a tour.

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The Kiess Jacket is such a BOON I am sure the gloves will be the same I am a size 10 in Keiss gloves so if you want to donate a pair - I’ll come collect

you don’t need to put loads of cloths on to keep warm with winter riding
heated clothing has come a long way

You jinxed me!

I collected my bike from its MOT and service yesterday morning, having messed up the winter opening hours to be able to be able get it back on Monday evening. The roads were very damp and through Mitcham there were plenty of oil spots. Yet I could easily avoid them, so all was well.

There were none on Greyhound Lane, where I stopped in a queue for the lights opposite Streatham Common. But as soon as I set off again my front wheel wanted to go every direction at once and I had to be very careful onto Streatham Common North before the tyres scrubbed themselves clean.

Damp roads, eh?

Assuming I do not ride again this year, I managed 2,760 miles January – March, 1,380 miles October – December, and nothing in between. Summer riding, who needs it? The sun is too bright, so hot and sweaty, and all those caravans on the road. And I have not missed autumn in Lincolnshire, when the roads get resurfaced with a thick layer of mud. Yay for winter!

I use my bike all year round as my main mode of transport. With the right gear I don’t find it all that different, just take corners a little slower with less lean. Most of my commutes just 30mph roads so not much chance to get too cold!
Good on you for getting out, I think a nice sunny winters day can’t be beaten for a nice slow and casual run out.


@Michael At least you stayed vertical :sweat_smile: but how do you find the time to do so many miles in 3 months. That’s how much I put on my bike in a year, clearly my machine is severely under utilised.

Don’t complain, if summer 2021 is dammed with torrential rain I will blame you, especially after a lovely 2020

Get yourself some decent winter gear and take it easy bit dont bother riding in the snow or ice its not worth it

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Just be careful if it is around 0° and stick to the main roads, a lot of minor roads don’t get gritted so can get a little icy.


My first winter in a long time that I am not commuting! I did take the bike out a couple of days ago for the sheer convenience and free parking at the hospital and the fact it was a nice bright clear day to enjoy riding. But the roads were slimy and not nice, still a good ride considering and it is just taking those things into consideration. Heated grips are rather nice, as are good gloves.

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