First Electric vs. Gas Superbike Race


On Sunday, Chip Yates made history by placing his electric superbike 2nd and 3rd in races against gasoline-powered competitors. Now, here’s video of the complete WERA Heavyweight Twins Superbike race, complete with commentary from both Chip and his electrical engineer, Robert Ussery


The overtake (4:30 - 4:45) 195bhp of CONTINUOUS TORQUE…

Screw petrol, I want one of those NOW!


Petrol is so last century it. I can’t beleive that we are still on internal combustion in 2011. Oil is definitely on it’s way out - analysts say we have gone past peak oil - electric is looking increasingly credible - look how many manufacturers are putting serious input into this tech now - the amount of effort being put into this tech tells you all you need to know about the future of internal combustion over the next two to three decades.


Excellent. I love to see things like this. Top job.

Future is electric


NO… Future is NUCLEAR… imagine the power demand and mass price increase on each megawatt if we all did switch to electric … the only power source capable of even slightly meeting that demand is nuclear…


How are you gonna fit a nuclear reactor into a motorbike frame for f*cks sake!

Only joking! :smiley: Yeah, even the greens are coming round to nuclear.


then we will all look like dayglo Kev :w00t:


Hydrogen fuel cell i think is the most promising.

IMO, all of these products already way outperform petrol and the internal combustion engine. Its just that all the IP rights and patents have been bought up by energy companies.

Im not worried at all about the oil running out - it never will.

As it runs lower, the cost will increase, which will push alternatives into the mainstream. These alternatives have already been developed and just waiting to hit the market once we have been raped of all our cash by the oil companies.

Its the same principle as computer processors - we are already WAY ahead of whats in the public domain, but the companies want to release them all in stages to maximize their return. Thats also why the power increases/upgrades seem to be more frequent these days.

just my opinion though!