First Drift HD 170 Stealth vid + new bike

I took this earlier today on the Drift I bought recently on Amazon for £130 :wink:

It’s a great camera and I’m looking forward to getting into using it properly, but there seems to be some distortion on certain bright areas which I need to sort out (it has the latest firmware).

Oh yea, new bike.

That’s pretty impressive. Amazing that the technology is so affordable. 10 years ago that’d probably have cost over a grand.

Bugger me, I just wasted 4 min + waiting to see yer first drift on a GSX 750, before realising it was a camera.:smiley:

Looking good, nice bike mate and loving the Mightlife leathers.:cool:


Yea, it only has 25k on it (km), not bad for a 20 year old.

I wear this Hein Gericke jacket everywhere!

It’ll take me a while before I’m drifting on it though :wink:

Looks great for exploring the parts of Spain yer in and beyond.

You know what they say, you feel as old as the bike that you ride.:slight_smile:

What res was it filmed, YouTube is only offering me up to 480p?

Does look good though. Do you get plenty of different ways of attaching it to things?

I forgot to export it at 720p :pinch:
The next one will be HD though.

If you have a look at any decent review, it should list the many attachment options that are ‘in the box’, although I’m thinking of buying a suction cup mount for attaching to the fairing/ plactics.
Also, I’ll be making some of my own!

I’ve done a little research myself now. Simon had issues with it freezing up. Has this happened to you at all?

No, not yet although I’ve only filmed about 3 hours in total. I am running the most recent firmeware if that makes a difference.

As I mentioned in the first post, there is a strange problem with dark spots on some light areas which is possibly an exposure issue. I have yet to try out all exposure settings (they are adjustable from the menu on the Drift).
It’s not a hardware fault though, so different firmware should solve the problem - I just have to work out which one.

Sold the moto?

Yea, 'fraid so.

exc next time :wink:

Yea, if I get the chance, my next SM will be proper - the problem is, I’ll be too old hehe :wink:

As I said on your YT channel, great video and makes me think of my old '91 GSXR 1100. Nice avatar too, I had a mare of a time setting up a Dynojet kit on those carbs :smiley:

Yeah I had some problems with the camera, but the customer service guys were great and I’d certainly give the company another chance. At the time I bought a different camera as a replacement because we were just about to go skiing and I didn’t want to take the risk that the second one would have the same problems as the first.

(oh and £130 is a hell of a price for it!!)

Sure is!

I test out some camera positions in the next video (in HD this time) -

Cheers, it’s from a piece (graffiti) near where I work.
Makes a good spray for Left 4 Dead :slight_smile:

screw the vid!!you have a new bike!! :smiley:

thanks for noticing mate!
(and Mad Dog)