First day back on the bike

Ok so first day back on the bike because of supposed tube strikes. Yeah im a bit of a fair weather rider :). Excelent ride in weather good, not too cold and an absolutely gorgeous lady riding next to me. What more could a man want :smiley: besides a car to ride over his foot :w00t:

Ouch. i’ll be making sure from now on that my boats are out of the way when squeezing up between the traffic. Foots a bit sore but the calf muscle is whats doing me in. Think I may have hooked it on the peg or something but man its like ive run a marathon on one leg. Looks like ill be having a quiet weekend … and maybe a massage :wink:

I’ve had a car run over my foot too whilst I was filtering and pulled up at the lights. Painful!

ouch!..hope ya foot and calf gets better soon mate…could of been worse…you could of been bloody stupid and wearing trainers so it would of fooked ya foot up!:Phopefull im buying a bike on weds/thurs and it will be my first time on a bike in just under a year! since me bike got nicked in march last year. JohnH

same i had one it stoped on my foot i had to beat on the car to let him know

think they do it on purpose coz when i drive my car i know exactly where my

wheels are

Why would you place your feet near their wheels?

I thought that when cars were that close you just leaned your shoulder against the nearest one and kept your feet on the pegs 'till the lights changed.

Am I doing something wrong?