First commute to work after passing DAS and getting bike!

And so it starts. Picked up my first bike last night (Yammy '03 Fazer 600) and rode into work for first time today. Great stuff.

Loads of traffic, but getting hang of filtering. Still getting used to bike, stalled it couple of time (doh!) and need to smooth gears and everything out a bit. Getting there, still loads of learn.


WTG Arfa …

Take care with the filtering especially on a ‘rush hour’ commute. That’s where most of the off’s happen, you’ll be fine as soon as you’ve fine tuned a sixth sense to recognise the dangers before they become a real threat to your safety. Being in the right just ain’t good enough, self preservation is the name of the game when filtering.

Lecture over, have fun out there and ride safe :slight_smile:

nice one.

when following other bikes filtering still look at the cars and gaps as if your on your own, cars swap lanes and do u turns at random times

Always always always ride at your speed, you’ll get bikes reving up behind you pull over when safe to do so try not to get distracted.

and if you want to know about a silly offs im an expert…lol

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to assume that every one else on the road is an idiot, they haven’t seen you, and they are almost certain to do something stupid and unpredictable.

Get on some LB rideouts! Best way to get some miles under your belt. My first bike after DAS was and is a 600, bloody good fun :slight_smile:

No prob with the lecturing, I’m no arrogant know-it-all, fully aware I’ve got a lot to learn and appreciate all the advice/tips I can get. :slight_smile: It was mostly in near stationary traffic in Limehouse link, down the middle. To be fair I was holding back a lot more than many other bikers, some gaps between trucks I really didn’t like the look of, even though others were piling through.

I’ve been told never filter on inside, never go into a closing gap and if there is a gap, assume a car will want to jump lanes into it.

limehouse, link are you going to canary wharf??

I do Dagenham to Bermondsey St, London Bridge. A13, Limehouse Link, The Highway and left over Tower Bridge. Wasn’t sure if that was better/worse than doing Commercial Road, Rotherhithe tunnel and Jamaica Road. Just never liked Commercial Road, always congested and bit tight. Which route would you suggest?

I do Commercial road on my daily commute, it’s usually fine in the morning towards canary wharf, but in the afternoon cars are always tripping over themselves for the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

Also, motorbikes are allowed in the BUS lane but be aware of cars turning left out of no where.

I take tunnel 9 out of 10 times

Congratulations, the first few commutes are always a bit hairy.

Best bit of advice I was given was vary your route. Clearly some days you will want to just get there ASAP but if you can vary your route your riding will improve much quicker.

MY top tip is don’t get pressured into filtering because everyone else is doing it. I see riders filtering illegally and dangerously every day. Nearly all of the hairy moments I have had have been because I have felt pressure from the bikes behind or I have tried to keep up with the one in front.

Remember some of the riders around you could have been riding in london for 20 years or more, and are much better than you will be, or have been riding for 2 weeks and are no role model. Ride you own ride.

I ride through the limehouse link every morning. Be very careful at the end of the tunnel as there is a right turn and vehicles, often lorries and buses, try to switch lanes suddenly. And watch out for the numerous speed cameras :wink: not that you really get the chance to speed in there.

Watch out for peds. 82% of them are lemmings and will jump out into the road whilst looking the wrong way :pinch:

Well done and enjoy! My bimble to work and back is normally the hi light of my day and on sunny days I occasionally get ‘lost’!

Go at your own pace is the best advice, I have only been commuting for 2 years and so regularly pull in to let people pass, some (most) are better riders and some are people with a death wish… Either way it is more relaxing with them in front of me rather than has hasseling me along from behind!

Enjoy and ride safe!

Well done, it all takes time so don’t try to rush it just enjoy :smiley:

congrats, especially with a 600 being your first bike

i started commuting into london on my Vara125 this year. aiming to get a 600 eventually, when i started i was petrified. every day i still get people turning or pulling out without signalling or stopping without warning. its something you get used to.

The FZS600 isn’t too bad as a first bike. All my DAS training was on CBF500, only actually spent a day on a 125, for my CBT! The FZS600 is no harder than the CBF500 to handle, though it does seem longer, which makes parking/manoeuvring a bit tighter.

Still rather new, so sometimes I can still be a spot wobbly and lurchy at low speed turning etc. Have also stalled it a few times, trying to pull away. Getting there, it’s as much getting used to the clutch and amount of throttle I need. As I get better, it’ll all smooth out. That and relaxing, going at my own pace, rather than succumbing to the pressure of the London rat race! Don’t think I’m doing too bad at all, considering I’ve only had the bike 4 days and had never ridden at all prior to 6 weeks ago!

I’m not sure you get used to it as much as develop a sixth sense of which vehicles are going to behave unpredictably. All the advice so far is great, and all of it applies. keep your vision up, look far ahead, no, further…come on, further still!

look for nothing, see everything!

relax. enjoy!