First Bike

Well i thought everyone could contribute (how ever you spell that)

But i thought why not make a forum where you post your First bike up i think it’ll be quite interesting and if you havent got a pic im sure you could get one off the net lol.

My first bike was a hairdryer like all typical teenagers, but i didnt want to get a geared 50 because yo change gear soooo quick your feet will probably fall off!

Any ways my first bike was a Peugeot Speedfight 50.

P.S my dog has no mannors!


Peugeot Speedfight 1.JPG

Peugeot Speedfight 3.JPG

Peugeot Speedfight 8.JPG

Hey mate,

My first road biek was a Derbi Senda 50cc Motard! Hairdryer too! It would do 50-55mph on the flat ringing its neck! Loved that bike! Spanish electrics proved to be a challenge too! Dont have a pic of it sadly but had some great days on it!

Pic of my first lil beast… Took this pic the day I sold it, probably would of kept it if I had the space…

In true chicken fashion here’s mine.

Currently still on London roads helping newbies everywhere attain the elusive DAS

carrying on with the two stroke theme

Yamaha RD 250 aircooled twin I was 17 it turned me to the dark side LOL ,I must admit I literally thrashed it to death as you do LOL

this was my 1st bike a Fantic caballero 50cc in 1976 oops showing my age

and my second bike was a suzuki GT 380

My first and current baby Gixxer K4 600cc Power hairdryer



That Caballero looks fun to ride but very leathal lol.

Looks like a engine strapped to a pushbike

Bet you had fun

D.A was it scarey goin from nothing to a 600?

Not really I rented a 125 used It for a day it was fun but loud and went nowhere the next day a friend lent me his spare 600cc SRAD a Powerful bike I followed my mates on a R6 and R1 all day, by the end of the day it was like a big toy slightly scary so you had to show it respect, two weeks later I got my baby had a few hairy moments but nothing deadly

How scary a bike gets depends on how far you pull your wrist back, when im back on the road I intend to get real scared

wow i bet your mate had aload of trust in you, or you have a good income lol. I dont if i should say it on hear but im sorry to hear what happened about the attack i just read it. i hope you heel up all good.

Yeah he trusts me plus it was a 2nd bike going on sale, so the love for the srad had gone, we also have a you crash it you buy it deal.
I wheelied the bike in Bushy by mistake lol I landed the right way up that was funny oh and I had a Jeep park on my foot in a traffic jam that was funny too, started two hurt a week later that wasn’t funny at all

Thanks Trix im healing okay, hand needs six more weeks before its strong enough to press the brake leaver ALL day.
as for the attack sh!t happens life goes on

I brought my brand new rs125 straight from the showroom on an 05plate last year (awesome bike) and swapped it in, in jan this year for my CBR, and when they looked at it they said “bloody hell, we’ll have to give you proper asking price for it as there is no damage on it” apparently it was the first RS they had ever been offered without damage!

I started riding motorcross when I was 13. I got a 2nd hand Honda Clymer 125cc motox bike for my thirtenth birthday and crashed it pretty bad on the first day (Into the garage). Never entered any compitions but we had a farm in Devon at the time with a small forest, streams mud heaps and large open fields… Was great - especially scaring the living sh1t out of my brothers.

When I was at college I decided to apply for an evening job at a local pizza palor. Only problem was I had no bike not licence. I turned up on the Friday and was invited to an interview on the Saturday to which I was to bring my bike… A Hunt through the papers and a loan from my mum and I had bought my first road bike. A Yamaha DT50 chicken chaser! I phoned the local rider training school who could get me though my CBT on Monday. I ended up pushing my bike down to the pizza parlor. I didn’t get the Job as I was 2 minutes late. The CBT was even more of a joke then that it is now. This would have been 1993, They made me ride around some cones, around a roundabout (more cones) to a T Junction (more cones) after that a few emergency stops. Within 30 minutes I was out on the road. I put in some big miles on it (20,000+Miles) the longest regular journey was from College in Devon to my Grans in Wiltshire at the weekends. only 120 miles but it took 5 hours! I kept the bike for about a year and a half. I would have kept it longer but a muppet in a volvo estate hit me on a roundabout. Bike was written off (The engine was smashed out of the frame) and I was stranded in the middle of somerset lucky not to have been killed.

After my accident I called it Quits on biking. Until I started to earn a bit of spare cash. In 1998 I pased my direct access. I bought my CBR400 from a chap in Streatham who had bought it from BATS Motorcycles a couple of months previous. He had a slide down the road on it and had shaken himself. Bikes of the age were being sold for £3200, This one was £2000. The panels on the left hand side were scared bad and the mirror were cracked. But the frame and forks looked sound. My babyblade was on the road up until 2 years ago . We had done 70,000Km together on well over 15 sets of tyres. Had 3 offs in incidents around London and Travelled across Europe a couple of times. For the last couple of months I have been getting the bike ready for a new life as my personal trackbike. new engine, susspension and handcrafted fairings. I love this bike and can’t wait to ride it again.

On a whim I spontanously decided I needed a new bike. The 0% 12 month loan also was to blame. I havn’t had enough time to get to know the bike yet. I only picked it up 2 weeks ago and have done a mere 800miles. One thing that really gets on my nads is the Heat from the right hand side of the engine (The underseat exhausts are routed that way). Not so bad when your motoring, but in London Traffic it’s going to be a killer in the Summer

My first road biek

My first bike, NSR 125R on an 01 plate

and my second bike (id still have it if i didnt write it off) GSXR 400 GK 76A

It got so much attention and when i get some money (1 day) im gonna get a new GSXR 750 and that paint job again!

This was my first bike. Sadly I crashed it but had it repaired.