First Bike, Second Bike

Running on from the topic of going straight to an R1 after passing yer DAS…

It’s a long time ago but here was my FB/SB…

Ahh… my trusty Suzy TS185

Love of me life … WHY did I sell it?

Bit of explaination to those who might not remember - there was a time when you could ride any bike up to a 250cc on a provisional only restriction was you couldn’t take a pillion- no bike courses or owt like that. Once you passed your test you could ride absoloutley anything you wanted …

Just thought that my advice in the R1 thread seems to go against my own history… it does

But I had a very lucky escape riding my Lemon which saw me coming off with (luckily ) no bad result apart from a broken clutch lever and a stomach scar that I have to this day ( 25 years on ).

For the next 3 months I rode it like a 125cc scooter till I felt I could handle it.

I knew it, I knew it.

As soon as I mention the words “Moto” and “Guzzi” the thread dies…

Honestly, truthfully , they were great bikes in their day … superbikes even ( although you wouldn’t beleive it now )

I promise never to mention the MG words again

Showing my age now, this was same as my first bike, just bought it from dealer jumped on it and off i went


Go on show yer age - neat little bikes those sub 200cc trailers… nothing quite like them around now ( those were the days - not!)

My TS185 was near enough indestructable.

well theres not much chance of me seeing 40 again lol yea hat dt175 was great bike trashed it all over place, in those days i cud do wheelies as well!

They hadn’t invented cameras when I got my first bike (using the term VERRRRRYY loosely) and even if they had had, I was a bike rider then and I certainly wouldn’t have bothered to take a photo of it. Who WOULD take a photo of a Honda C50 moped? Or my second bike, a Honda C90 moped. But it’s about 18 years since I got rid of the second bike and have only just got my third…

i took my bike test on a c50!

Nowt wrong with that - you gotta cut your teeth on something…

and in the old days it was the most powerful thing you could ride at 16 - plenty of time to learn the basics before you could get something bigger at 17