First Bike (Help Needed)

I maybe able to get a really good deal on a Suzuki K3, but as I have spent more time on LB my hearts been set on a K4, what shall I do get the K3 or keep saving and waiting till I can afford the K4… help me before I crack up plz

Maybe I should buy and then sell the K3 on for a profit, giving me the $$$ I need for a K4

…I’m Stuck

Buy the best GSXR750 you can afford.

But isn’t that a doooocati in your avatar?

If the bike is a Gixxer Thou, the K3 and K4 are identical other than paint scheme.

The 750 K3 is different to the K4 although, could you tell in everyday riding? I really don’t know.

I have had a K3 750 and K4 Thou and the 750 gave me more smiles per mile as I was riding more towards the limit on a day to day basis.

I’m with Balloo and Pete on that! Get the best 600/750 tyou can buy, it will reward you better! I always had 1000s and have never bees as happy as on my 636. On road and on track!

Buy with your heart! But use your head to balance realistic suitability, i.e. if it’s your first bike, don’t get the 750 or 1000, get the 600! You learn MUCH more on a smaller, lighter bike at the start of a biking career. Trust me!

I totally agree, a lot of very experienced riders find 1000’s far too much and have a better time on 600’s or 750’s - let alone newcomers.

The power of a modern 600 sportsbike will amaze you and when you have learnt how and where to fully use it safely you will be able to keep up with 99% of people 99% of the time anyway, track or road. Then, and only then, try a 750, then a 1000. I used to despatch a cbr600 and was pretty turbonutter******* fast, then I got a gsxr750 [1991] and took 3-6 months to get used to the extra weight and power - that was only going from 90 - 110bhp. It takes a lot of time to get your brain to adjust to the speed, it is literally mindboggling, so take it easy and build up slowly, safely.

get the K3 600 and use the extra $$ to get some quality upgrades. Ive just had my 750 srad stolen but still got a ZX7 R which I’ll be selling for a 600 of some sort cos they are so much fun.

I don’t mean to sound pedantic, but the weight diff is jack **** these days.

I’d still go for the 750, the mid range is better and it’s a nicer ride on the road.

The extra 25BHP will make no real diff to wether he wraps it around a lamp-post or not.

start with a Fazer or Hornet…get used to 80bnp and then in 6 months, trade up to a 750.

why the wanton desire to kill yourself quicker on something that you realistically cannot handle?

Maybe he wants to avoid the “What a wank bike” replies to his “My new bike” thread!


But remember, that’s only his opinion…

The throttle goes both ways, so regardless of if it has 60-70 or 100-110 back wheel you re in control, or should be

well said as alot of you kno i just got my first sports bike a k4 thou an when out an about i’m much slower on it than i was on my fazer thou i guess its all about taking time to get to kno your new bike rather than just trying to run before you can walk well thats the way im going about it best of luck whatever you decide to go for fella

Ducati Pete – I really hate saying this but a 750 would be to much bike for me right now… and the NHS don’t need me slowing them down any futher lol

Mini Mo – Yep it’s a Ducati, but I don’t think it would make a good all year round every day first bike so I leave the duke for now and just keep the girl

Wivvy - I hear what your saying, and your right a GSXR 600 in the wrong / newbie hands could kill, but me on a Fazer or Hornet while my friends ride by on there R6’s would KILL MEEE!

Okay I have decided the deal on the K3 600 is far too good to pass up, so if it passes its HPI check etc ill buy it, with plans on seeling it straight away for a profit and using the money for a beautiful K4 600.
Anyone know how to sell a bike without having to register myself as another owner???

NOTE: Think ill fall in love with the K3 and be unable to sell it

Nice bike - enjoy!