First big bike suggestions.

Hi all,

Looking for suggestions for my first ‘big bike’- to buy in April after I’ve passed my test.

I’d be looking to get something 2-3 years old.
Budget is flexible- I was thinking of spending up to £6k, but I don’t have to spend all of it if there is a good mid-priced, middleweight bike that is good for a new biker.

I’m looking for models with ABS- was thinking about stability control too, although I know it isn’t on many bikes.
I’m going to be a fair weather commuter and weekend rider.
Naked, Sports Tourers and Roadster/Muscle bikes appeal to me, rather than dedicated sports bikes or custom cruisers.

So far I’ve been thinking about a Street Triple (too fast?) or a XJR1300 (too big?) but I’m open to most things.
I want something that isn’t too much, too soon- happy to upgrade in a year or two once I am a bit more confident.

What do you reckon?

Street Triple :wink:

Light, agile, smooth, progressively powerful, fun.

hmmm speed is only controlled by one thing YOU … the bike regardless of its cc will only go as fast as you wamt it to …

a 1300 is as easy to ride as a 600 BUT weighs a hell of a lot and I personally would not recommend it as your first big bike but that is my personal opinion …

hmmm if the excel show is on soon get and sit on a few bikes or get to the meet points and ask to sit on a few bikes as well as various showrooms

er6 f or n … cbf600 ,

kwac er6

ktm duke 690

honda NT700

yam diversion

suzuki GSR 600 or 750

street triple, but theives like them.

those 1300’s wont be too nice to commute on, heavy and not so nimble.

Depends what floats your boat really. If you fancy a sports bike, go CBR600, if you fancy a v twin maybe an SV650, I’d stay middleweight though until you’re completely comfortable.

  1. Full bike kit

  2. Pass test

  3. Bikesafe course

Then think about it;)

  1. Full bike kit

  2. Pass test

  3. Bikesafe course

  4. Run some insurance quotes through comparison sites.

Then think about it

I bought full bike kit before I even had a bike.

I remember going on the tube to the bike shop to collect my first bike dressed in full leathers.

I was so enthusiastic I didn’t care - but in retrospect I must have looked like a complete twat.

But what will he use for Bikesafe?

Days are open to riders of bikes 125cc and above, regardless of experience, and their pillions.

I had to check mind you.

I bought the rest of my kit today and I had to get a couple of things fixed on the bike after the tumble (new handlebars & pegs- as they were quite bent, clocks cover and front brake lever as well).
I probably will get a bike before doing bike safe, just because I’m a big guy and the YBR isn’t THAT comfortable- it is a little on the small side for me.

I’ve checked out the KTM690 and the Yamaha Diversion today- they both seem like they might be good, although the Street Triple is still my no 1.

You won’t go to far wrong with a striple the engine sound is brill I love the triple engine
Triumphs fair good in bad weather as we’ll

Lock it up well tho they have tendency to be knicked
Check your insurance as we’ll it could frighten you

Even if I’m over 40, have secure parking and a clean driving record?

if you like the street triple then check out the Yamaha MT09

there will be a MT07 coming soon as welll

Just did a price comparison- they want £850 PA for insurance on the Street Triple.
That is probably a bit more than I want to spend.
My current insurance is £250 full comp for the 125.

Might be looking more for a cheaper, older GSF or a Diversion to get a couple of years no claims on before getting a Street Triple.

Ducati monster 696, man if i could start all over again that would have been my first big bike, you cant go wrong with a monster

Test rides…
Book them in and get a REAL feel for them !!

I got a Diversion as my first big bike and i’ve been very happy with it. It’s not fast by big motorbike standards and it’s a bit heavy but having just spent 2 weeks travelling up and down the country in a Vauxhall Astra loaded with prams and whatnot it feels fast enough! Insurance is pretty reasonable too, even in south west London.

A triple would have been top of my new bike list but I think the insurance was a bit much at the time and I got a great deal on the Divvy.

GSX650F, now under £3K for next to no miles. Bloody good bike with gixer looks.

+1 they look have decent