First big bike insurance

Guys since passing yesterday, I have been trying to get quotes on a new MT07 and failing miserably.
My current insurer doesn’t want to take on the policy (basically pricing me out), and others are coming in at around £900-1300 fully comp…is this normal?

I’m in the Romford area and using for commuting so given mileage as about 9-10k.
Got a thatcham 1 alarm fitted and other security but parked on drive at home.
Any tips??

for a first big bike, that’s normal

Sounds about right.


Sad to say that’s about right.

that’s about right

im surprized they would insure it as on the driveway only

Romford is an up & coming talented footballer training ground

Money for old rope

You could try an older bike (with a lower value, to help with the fully comp) - until some NCB gets built up.

@abzero that’s far too sensible and boring lol
And sounds like they just don’t like the fact I have just passed having spoken to a few in detail

want a tip? move out of London. that’s the only guaranteed way to get a lower premium

@me_groovy maybe one day…at the moment I’m enjoying sitting and adding value to the property. Sure I will at some stage tho

@me_groovy maybe one the moment I'm enjoying sitting and adding value to the property. Sure I will at some stage tho Redwez
'adding value to the property' - we'll see how Brexit affects that.

Oh @abzero don’t you start…it’s all going to be fine! We are just leading the rest to the exit door.

Try Cornmarket on 028 9033 2111.  They give discounts if you’ve passed the IAM Advanced test, but will quote you even if you haven’t.  My renewal has come thorugh at £289 where the next best quote, so far, is £700.

Could try Principal insurance as they are competitive. As above though, first year on a big bike that is normal. My first year on the RR was £1K and only one company quoted that. All the other quotes were over £2K.

I will thanks Aceman

Heck, be careful with MCE insurance, as they have a massive excess on their policies.  When I was last getting quotes from them, which changed a lot on a daily basis, the excess was about £2000.

Yeah i saw that too from MCE

Only £900! Consider yourself lucky!

You’ve an RM postcode and no solid iron vault to keep your bike in, so yes any nice bike will cost you.  Look for an old sub £2k, get it insured TPFT (because it won’t be worthwhile claiming if you bin it). 

Dunno, how old you are, but 4 years ago, in same situation (RM9 postcode) and aged 33, I got a Yamaha FZS600 for £1800. First years insurance was a spot over £400 TPFT (£500 excess I think). The premium halved on the second year though.