First big bike... CB600FA Hornet ABS??

Hey all,

Im looking at booking up my DAS after being on the L’s awhile, as soon as the L’s go so does my lil popper bike. Ive been having a good look around for a first big bike, Ive been adimeant about getting the R6 but now the CB600FA Hornet ABS is the one im having a really good think about. Just wondered on opinions or if anyone has one?.. Ive always been a Yamaha or Honda guy, as my motocross bikes are both by those two aswell.


Sir Yamalot

Can’t say I have much experience with ABS, but I’m having a great time on my Hornet and find it spirited enough without being too much to handle.

Welcome to the fold (hopefully)! :wink:

Limited to Yamaha/Honda you’re sorta there.

But what about - Suzuki GSX F650, Kawasaki Z750, Triumph Street Triple :smiley:

La’la’la… im not listening! :D:D:D

I’ve got one of the new Hornets with ABS, great bike, light, quick and does everything it’s told to do. Motorway runs can be a bit of a problem from wind blast, staying above 80 for 20 mins or more can be pretty tiring. You can get a Honda fly screen but there very small and i cant se how they would make a difference, but Ermax make screens for the new Hornet which are bigger and look like they would do a much better job. Only other slightly negative side is they can be a bit juicy depending how aggressive your are with the throttle ( but who cares if it cost a little more to run when it gives you soooo much fun ). I found the ABS a good chioce as i’ve nearly come unstuck a few times and the ABS has been fantastic well worth the extra money:)

I used to have a hornet and really liked it - prefer the CBR riding position though and its easier to go faster because I dont feel the wind as much :smiley: