first aid for bikers reading 10 june

i’ve just enrolled for the 10 june first aid course specifically for bikers run by st john’s ambulance. its in reading, from 9am to 1.30 pm and costs £35. i asked them if they had a course in london, but they don’t…there’s more info on their website, just click under motorcyclists first aid course if you’re interested.. you book it on line giving your contact tel no. and email and they ring back to take payment and confirmation.

there are a few places left.good luck.

Excellent idea mate, I’m already fully first aided up but I think everyone should do this if they can … in fact why should this not be compulsory in schools ?

Whilst I was bored … some Info and courses - - Bikesafe info re first aid. - good first aid kit but you’d be able to make it up yourself probably cheaper. - Specific courses for bikers - not cheap though. - looks as if these are the same courses as above. - Red Cross Courses

St John’s Courses -

i’m fully first aided, aswell as a team medic, these courses are a good idea and i think people should do em!! i’m sure there was a few members who did somthing similar last year!!

baz, i dont think they’ll teach it in schools due to the blame/claim culture!!

gr8 trojan,the st john’s course is allegedly targetted for bikers specifically though and maybe the others are’nt…needs investigating through each link. suppose first aid is first aid though eh?. ttfn

They don’t do one in London? Strange… I did mine here last year was excellent and sadly I’ve used those skills twice now Q