First Aid Courses

I was just wonering if anyone has done any of the first-aid courses tailored towards bikers? Any recommendations on which is best etc?

The only reason I ask is that I came across a bike accident today at half past three just off the south round-about at Elephant and Castle. It looked pretty serious and I think it hadn’t long happened, but thankfully the police were there. It just left me thinking that I’d want to be able to help if I’d been there a minute sooner. Hope the person is ok…

There is a course called “First Bike on Scene” which is fairly useful but the people who run it (part of Oxford Ambulance Service) are difficult to get hold of by phone. They have leaflets and sometimes a stand at the bike shows.

A biker on here called Stem organised one or two in London - send him a PM to see if they are doing any more.

Let me know if you find anything as I had a nightmare trying to sort one for a group of us last year and in the end gave up because there was a risk I’d end up footing travel costs for the people who said they’d do it.

It migh be worth doing a basic first aid course in the meantime. Approach your local St Johns Ambulance and ask about the 4 day HSE course.

As far as I can gather, the FBoS course is pretty much the same, but also incorporates a bit of scene management and a few techniques more specific to dealing with a bike related incident.

Basic first aid is something that I believe everyone should learn! You never know when you’ll need it! :wink:

About 10 of us went to Oxford to do the FBOS (First Bike On Scene) course a couple of years ago, Ginger organised it.

They are really hard people to get hold of, I know a few have tried without success to arrange another course.

Just got this through -

North West Ambulance Service will be running the course at Ace Cafe London on 16th January 2010.

The First Bike on Scene (FBoS) course was specifically designed by the North West Ambulance Service to provide bikers with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the initial management of patients involved in road traffic accidents and to provide basic life support whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive. The course focuses on the types of life threatening trauma that can be encountered in a motorcycle accident (elements which would not be found in more traditional first aid courses) and will provide you with the knowledge and skills which can be essential in saving lives.

All delegates attending the course will receive a certificates approved by the Royal College of Surgeons which is valid for 2 years.

The First Bike on Scene course costs £75.00 per person (lunch included). To book places on the course, contact the Training Team on 0870 8330 999 or e-mail [email protected].

Having both FBOS and HSE certificates I can say that whilst FBOS covers things like helmet removal which is important if you have any unconscious casualty, a proper first aid course is probably more use as FBOS is only a few hours and not a lot is covered. For helmet removal - this is covered in the latest edition of the Dorling Kindersley First Aid manual given to me when I did my HSE course (and available in all good bookshops/amazon etc) and is endorsed by St Johns and British Red Cross etc and the step by step guide is easy to follow - practice with your mates - it is what a lot of the FBOS day consists of anyway.

As for scene management - this is mainly comon sense, but is also covered more generally on the HSE course. Your instructor will probably be happy to discuss how to manage a motorcycle accident situation etc becasue over four days there is a lot of time to explore what to do in various situations etc.

Note that your employer is responsible for making sure the workplace has adequate first aid facilities, including trained staff - so get them to send you off to the four day HSE course. Mine was given by an old skool scooter riding ex-combat medic.

Good advice seeing that the FBOS course has escalated in price

(However remember you can meet really nice people at FBOS - you never know who you might sit next to!););):wink:

I used to be in the Red Cross and there was a huge section dedicated to bikers. That was about 10 yrs ago, but I know it is still part of the course. Since then I’ve continued doing courses through the RAF and then the MET. I have a refresher this month. In all the courses I’ve done since the Red Cross there’s always been a section on bikers.
As mentioned, do a course with St John’s or Red Cross as it’ll help…unless you’ve already done them! :smiley: