First Accident :(

Unlucky Chris least you was able to ride away and you didn’t stuff it into the back of the motor, as peep say learn from it always keep enough distance cars can stop quicker than you and always try and look past the car infront but don’t ignore it whilst doing so. The bike will do everything in the wet that it does in the dry you just have to go about it a little more gently, its a learning curve…


I always ride in line with the driver, you’ve always got that ‘second’ chance.

What they teach you is fine, if you’re going to keep your distance… and ride like you did in your test, but let’s face it… who does?

Anyway, glad you’re fine to fight another day. :slight_smile:

Sorry you came off and glad you’re not badly hurt.

I’m not an IAM-type expert but I think ‘defensive riding’ means different things to different riders. To me riding in a road position where you can be seen in rear view and wing mirror by the driver in front is ‘defensive’ riding. This usually means positioning the bike nearer the centre of the road and with a sensible gap to allow a safe overtake/filter when possible. In London I find I need to be a bit more flexible with road position and sometimes it’s safer to take the inside line:).

Sounds like you know where you went wrong but don’t be too hard on yourself- the car should’ve checked behind before letting the bus out. If he had done so he would have seen you were riding too close and made the decision that it was not safe to let the bus pull out. Unfortunately relying on others to do what they are supposed to is of course futile.