First Accident :(

The first time I met Pyro, he assured me, I WILL come off, sooner or later… thanks for the vote of confidence.

Friday the 13th, raining, walked under a few ladders at work today (something I normally go out of my way to avoide and had to do by necessity!)

Anyway, following a car at about 30mph in the wet, probably following a little too close. Anyway, for some stupid reason, he decided to slam his brakes on, to let A BUS OUT!!!

I didn’t have time to react so had to bail it. Slammed on my brakes, locked up, and went sliding off down the road. Ended up with the bike on my leg. The cnt got out and said “are you okay?” to which I replied "Pick this F**cking bike off my leg you twt!"

Fortunately, the crash bars did their job and protected the bike, and my jacket did the job and protected me. I got up, checked the bike, checked the cuts on my legs, got on the bike and rode off…

I’m just glad I managed to walk away from it, and that the bike is okay…

That’s the last time I’m riding back in the rain!

Firstly mate, good to hear you’re not injured, although you’ll probably stiffen up in the next few hours when the shock and adrenaline has worn off! :wink:
Secondly, get your bike checked over by someone who knows what they are looking at proffessionally. You never know what damage could have been done to the frame or forks etc…

Lastly, and don’t take this the wrong way, you should take a lesson away from this. Don’t travel too close to the vehicle in front! Especially in the wet, when there is more of a chance of losing traction, and the chances of losing it on diesel is much greater!

As Pyro said to you, “it’s not if you come off, it’s when!” :wink:

Welcome to the club! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad luck m8! Glad u ok:pinch:

Unlucky :frowning:

Nah it wasn’t unlucky, was probably my fault for travelling too close.

I was having a **** day anyway, this just topped it off. I was probably not concentrating on the road and more focused on my problems - we’ve all been there.

As for getting it checked, yeah I will do tomorrow. It has big engine bars on it (BIG ones) on the front of the bike, and the rear side fell on my leg… but I will still check it up. The brake pedal is a big bit bent though (it’s the first part that actually hits the ground) so I’ll fix that up too…

“only a fool breaks a two second rule - but if it’s wet you need four yet” - or so the CBT guy says. I left meself about 1/2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you are OK. Even better you are learning from it.

highway code 223Buses, coaches and trams. Give priority to these vehicles when you can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from stops. Look out for people getting off a bus or tram and crossing the road.

has not really helped in this situation …Something to pre empt for future reference

But glad to hear that you are still walking if somewhat limpingAlso do not let it put you off riding in the rain as if you ever get caught out in the rain your confidence will be zero and your riding will suffer…as you say give yourself more time and space but get a feeling for the differnt style required …

Cheers for all the support.

It always amazes me to see how many bikers stop to help you by the roadside.

One stopped, stayed with me whilst I ran around on the pavement shouting “ouch ouch ouch!”, and then explained what to check, what to do, and how to start it. Moreover, he seemed like a courier, so the 10 minites of time I took up probably delayed a delivery or something :s

Nah I’m gonna try and let this NOT put me off riding at all… just unfortunate really, and kinda scary.

It’s been a first for everything. First speeding ticket, and now first accident. What a week :frowning:

Glad you’re ok Chips :slight_smile:

I blame Pyro! :smiley:

There’s a steep learning curve in motorcycling which involves rough and tumble moments like this one. Defensive riding and anticipating moments like this are the key.

Sorry to hear about your off, I recommend you get yourself checked out, to be on the safe side.

Sorry to hear about your little off, as for defensive riding I’m not so sure sometimes. My first incident involved me approaching a roundabout, I was in my lane as per the lessons and test and as I approached said roundabout i had one car stationary in front of me as i came off the slip road, I could see everything and the roundabout was clear but as i looked back in front the car was still sat there! Needless to say i hit it square on in the rear and fell off:) Now if i had taken up a position slightly to the right, nearer the marked lane i might have been able to ride around the car and not crash. I made the decision then and there that my road position was all wrong from what i had been told and now always ride in an offensive manner, always expecting the unexpected.

It is a big learn this riding lark but once you have plenty of miles and hours under your belt you will reap the rewards.:slight_smile:

Get back on asap and don’t let it put you off.

Oh cheers guys… for all the tips :slight_smile:

Yeah, once I unbend my brake pedal ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ll take her to the garage to get her checked over, then ride to the GP to check a nasty cut on my leg (yes, I have ALREADY ordered a pair of kevlar trousers), then to the Yamaha shop for some ordered parts, and then to box hill & newland’s corner - if I still feel good. So that’s what, 30-40 miles the day after I’ve come off - lovely :slight_smile:

Anyway, apologies for posting this thread twice - my internet did it automatically when it was messing up.

completely Pyro’s fault, you should be ashamed pyro for putting the idea in his head, it obviously gave chips the subconscious idea that he wanted to get it over and done with ,hence following too close. :smiley: :smiley: :w00t::w00t:

+2 Pyro. Your card is marked

I think it’s about time I took my test… and learnt how to ride a motorbike. :stuck_out_tongue:


hate to tell you but every day you ride regardless of when you passed your test your still learning and never stop

its not like a car where you pass your test and think that you are fully competent

Goog you are ok,

Tip practice, clutch in gear down, clutch out, brake on brake of brake on, bit like ABS, GOOD FOR QUICK STOPS, GOOD LUCK, AND DO PRACTICE IN THE RAIN,make sure no ones behind you though:D

Sorry to hear of your off matey , sounds like you have a good idea of what to do next.

first of all im sorry to hear about the accident. :frowning:
plus its just a saying that goes around and it was just a reason why i wear all the gear all the time. as roadrunner said “it’s not if you come off, it’s when”
but i do hope ur knees get better soon and theres no damage to the bike!
dont let this get you down dude

(p.s. it was totally my fault. im sorry i made it rain and made the roads slippery)