Fireworks and ice/water make a good combination...

Thought it would be fun to post this, given the firework season is almost upon us…

My favourite is the big one at the end :w00t:DO NOT try this at home, kids :wink:

lucky they never got hit with them thing’s flying about:hehe: wtf was the 1 at the end a missile…:w00t:

Those poor fish?

one way of fishing :wink:

pukka! Reminds me of my naughty days! Anyone heard of a “nutty-jim”??!! :smiley:

Yep, Trident II.

This one’s better - “We have had an anomaly.” You’re not kidding :crazy:

He he. Superb. There has to be some outtakes . . . I’d rather see those! :slight_smile:

pmsl that girl it funny-"We have had an anomaly no **** Sherlock!!:hehe:

Aww man, that looks like sooooooo much fun… ok, who’s organising the trip to Norway? …:Wow: